BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 15, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksWhen were the legendary Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev hanged? Yesterday a tip from an unknown source which allegedly said that ‘ Bhagat Singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev were hanged on 14th feb. This news spread like wildfire and was among the trending topics on twitter. It would have just taken a minute of our time to verify and say that they were hanged on March 23rd and not Feb 14th. If atleast 10% of the people would have done, this would not have spread like wildfire. In current times it is very important that we verify all the information before passing on. That is where our Tangy Tuesdays score above the rest. These are the handpicked best blog posts from the Indian blogosphere for all of you to read. 🙂

  • Who The Madrasi
    What : The Adam’s plea
    Tangy : We have heard/faced/read a lot about eve teasing in India. Now read this post on Adam teasing. This is what will happen to most men in the country if women let go off their forgiving nature. A must read for all!

  • Who : Rads
    What : A 20-something’s crysis
    Tangy : Majority of us are/have been in our 20 something age. When you are in college, projects; lectures; scoring; bunking are your major problems. After college, your crisis revolves around what you want to do, where do you want to be & with whom, your life’s goal and the list goes on. Read Rads post where she talks about the quarter life crisis!

  • Who : Sandeep
    What : Wah Taj and Chambal
    Tangy : Sandeep brings to us an amazing post where he captures the eternal Taj Mahal along with some wild life photography. He has brilliantly captured both of them in his camera and also well describes his journey. Do have a look!

  • Who : Celestialrays
    What : An old love story
    Tangy : This story is an inspiration to the fragile relationships in today’s world. Celestialrays writes about the true love story of her 80 year old grandparents. Every couple would wish their love to long last like theirs. Get inspired by them in this post!

  • Who : Megz
    What : ~::~ Love will find a way ~::~
    Tangy : Hope is what keeps the world going. Megzs writes a poem where she waits love to find its way to her. Beautiful lines from her poem, Years of wait seems only longer, A hope somehow lingers stronger. No! This faith I shall not slay, Love will have to find its way…. Read on!

  • Who : Usha P
    What : Just when I thought Love was Humbug…
    Tangy :Usha Pisharody narrates a story where you will notice that love actually knows no limits. The groom meets with an unfortunate accident and is in ICU. The bride persists on getting married on schedule and they do get married in the hospital-cum-mandap! Read this post to know the successful love between them!

  • Who :Uma Shanker Pandey
    What : Rest in Peace, Aarushi.
    Tangy : Uma Shanker, a father of twin daughters, writes a letter to Late Arushi Talwar. He pens down his emotions as a father and as a viewer when he watches the unsolved controversial case of Arushi on television. A very different post indeed. What would you write to Arushi?

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