BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 15, β€˜11

Spicy SaturdayOur respects to all those who lost their lives in the Sabarimala Mishap. Very very unfortunate. We would also want to wish all the readers at your Adda, Happy Makar Sakranti, Pongal and Lohri. We are seeing the kites flying so high while eating the delicacies. Look out of your window now and then come back to read the Spicy Saturday Picks. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Kiran Manral
    What : Ahem, ahem, I was on the Beeb!
    Spicy : Kiran Manral recently got featured live on BBC where she was talking about parenting & most importantly about being an Indian parent. She believes that academics is not everything and there is life other than that. Read ahead to know her experience!

  • Who : Manreet Sodhi
    What : Of Lohri and its good ole Robin Hood
    Spicy: Manreet is remembering the good old days when she was in Punjab celebrating the festive season of Lohri. Taking warmth of the bonfire on a chilled day in winter, exchanging pleasantries, eating sweets, singing songs & much more in this post about Lohri! Read on & capture the experience.

  • Who : R’s Mom
    What : I am Convinced
    Spicy : R’s mom is convinced that the whole world has planned a secret conspiracy against her & religiously follow to do what she doesn’t want. Which includes her hubby and daughter too! A fun read where R’s mom is taking out her frustration!

  • Who : Amol Dhir
    What : Social Diva
    Spicy : Have you ever met a social diva? Do you even know what a social diva is? Well, Amol has met her & has carved it to show you what exactly a social diva is made up of. We won’t disclose the suspense! Discover yourself!

  • Who : Venky
    What : N.A.M.E.S
    Spicy : It is not new to us when we see names written for whatever reasons on public places and places of heritage. The pleasure which is received by some morons by ruining public property is still unknown to many but the research is still in process till the time the researchers are in their senses. The guarantee of a stable mind is not given in this discovery! Read on!

  • Who : Sayak Shome
    What : Odd Even.ts
    Spicy : Sayak has written an incredible post of Aal & Norah. An odd chronological order seems like watching a movie where past & present are well combined and projected. A must read.

  • Who : Ratna Rajaiah
    What : Secrets
    Spicy : A short yet effective poem written by Ratna Rajaiah. Secrets are dying to be told & seeds are wracked by the desire to be born…very beautiful lines. We won’t reveal it here, capture the essence yourself

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