Perky Tweets – Jan 3, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsHow did your New Year start? Are your new year resolutions running into pages or is it just a simple list? For all those who missed it, we have posted the ‘Best blog posts of 2010‘ (Part 1 and Part 2) comprising of the best blog posts and tweets (Part 1 and Part 2). Do check them out and participate in our discussions on Facebook. For now, we present you the first #perkytweets edition of 2011. 🙂

why is Half-Blood Prince trending? Is Vivek Oberoi expecting or something?.

Lol. Dont know why Charan is so popular there?When i first saw him on TV with Genelia,i thought he is her MakeUp Man!!:D

Did the South African players have ‘Onion’ Bhajji in lunch? Bahut mehanga pada unko.

Sheila ki jawani … Uske papa ki pareshani ;-).

Jimmy Wales is asking for $5 now. Bhikari Saala!

Also, most of these chicks who keep tweeting #havingthis #having that are lying! Why else do they look anorexic!

A relationship based on swallowing can never last. RT @ShwetaKaushik: I am in a relationship with combiflam

Atherton was mentally McGrathed overwhelmingly when he came to bat; looks like Graeme Smith is getting Zaheered #cricket #perkytweets

I’ve not made any resolutions this year because I’m still working on the ones from last year. #perkytweets

The way China and @chetan_bhagat keep blocking stuff no wonder the first 2 letters of their names are CH.. #getit #perkytweets

i remember 2010 like it was yesterday #perkytweets

The central govt. To release a new movie named ‘1.7 lakh crore maaf’ starring A Raja #perkytweets

Heard Shiney Ahuja is writing his bai-ography soon… #perkytweets

Citibank manager Shivraj Puri cheated investors of Rs. 400 crore. Why raise such hue and cry?? Jaisa “Raja” Waise Praja. #perkytweets #fb

Special drive by banks: Onions accepted as security for loans – Offer valid till Sharad Pawar is Agriculture Minister#perkytweets

If rickshaw drivers managed the mumbai locals, there would be 2 trains running abreast on one track. #perkytweets

one part of me wants me to stoop down to your level. but my growing tummy stops me from doing so. #perkytweets

Any1 know of hunger strikes nearby? Need to go on a diet, might as well make it for a cause… #perkytweets

My RAM died last night.. 😐 RAM RAM satya hai.. :P#perkytweets

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