BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 2, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe Supreme Court today said ‘The hallmark of a healthy society is the respect it shows to women. Indian society has become a sick society. This is evident from the large number of cases coming up in this court and also in almost all courts in the country in which young women are being killed by their husbands or by their in-laws by pouring kerosene on them and setting them on fire or by hanging/strangulating them.’ We have to change this. We have to make a difference. We can. Here are some inspiring posts from the Indian bloggers alongwith some fun posts who have made it to the Tangy Tuesday Picks. Read on.

  • Who : Harish S Ram
    What : Wish I could say it, Wish I could live with it; Love that it is
    Tangy : A boy says something which he shouldn’t have said to the friend of a girl whom he loves. What happens next? How does he make her happy? Read the post with a twist to find out. 🙂 Harish, you know what we want to say to you, don’t you? :p

  • Who : Desi Girl
    What : If you know someone is being abused this is how you can help:
    Tangy : Domestic Violence and abusing is not a new concept in India and prevails almost in every household. We wish that this concept goes extinct and this cruel act is eradicated from our society from it’s roots. This post gives you information on how you can stop it if you are a victim and also if you witness something of that sort. Read on to also know the legal aspect of it.

  • Who : Sagarika Chakraborty
    What : Aaj phir jeene ki “Tamanna” hai …
    Tangy : Our guest blogger, Sagarika Chakraborty, has included someone in her life. It is little fairy princess, Tamanna, who is her God child! 🙂 A very good deed to do and spread love. She has made a brilliant attempt to change someone’s life! Read on to know more on this!

  • Who : The Mad Momma
    What : On religion
    Tangy : While we are still fighting between religion and our God’s, there is one such couple who sets an example for such people that religion labels really don’t matter where love stays. This inter-religion marriage is as successful as any other same-religion marriage could be. And they are dwelling children of the same views! So we are hoping some intelligent generation ahead 🙂 A must must read post by Mad Momma.

  • Who : Dhanya Venugopal
    What : It’s a Wonderful Married Life Afterall!
    Tangy : The most beautiful days of one’s life are when they enter the eternal marriage constitution (at least the initial :P). Dhanya has entered this phase and is describing in this post her kitchen experiments, living in with husband and how she still manages to talk to her first family every day. Check out her post!

  • Who : Biswanath Ghosh
    What : What Does She Think Of Herself?
    Tangy : The recent Arundhati Roy’s Kashmir comments has drawn a lot of unnecessary attention and some groups have almost started harassing the author. We all forget one thing that she is just expressing her personal views and everyone is free to express their point of view! Read on this post for more such takes!

  • Who : Varsha
    What : Cognitive Therapy,festival eating and trying to exercise the Resistance Muscles.
    Tangy : Varsha has bought in light a therapy which must be unheard by most of you. The cognitive therapy! You need to read her blog to understand the theory! She also tells us how can we monitor our eating habits. Read on to know more!

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