BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Sep. 18, ’10

Spicy SaturdayKashmir! Once known as the ‘Heaven on earth’ is now burning every day. Some are calling it the Youth movement and some as Independence movement. Remember what we are seeing is what they want us to see and need not be the truth. What could the truth be? One of the posts in our weekly picks has a viewpoint. Read them now.

  • Who : Pragmatic Desi
    What : Bring the truth out
    Spicy : As we said in the introduction, do we know what the truth is on what is happening at Kashmir? Pragmatic Desi has this brilliant post which everyone should read. A must must read.

  • Who : Gopinath Mavinkurve
    What : Foo(le)d by a Diet!
    Spicy : Haah! As the title says, how many of you get Foo(le)d by healthy scientifically created food? Gopinath has this post with some very interesting points. A sure read.

  • Who : Prashant Dhanke
    What : My Jazz Album
    Spicy : The Brown Phantom is back in his own Jazzy way! πŸ™‚ How? Find out by reading this post.

  • Who : Parul Sharma
    What : Ads and Adi
    Spicy : What would you do when you tell you kid that he needs stamina and he replies, yes mom, teen guna zyaada stamina. Yep, these are the effects of Ads on children and Parul is here sharing her experience. An enjoyable read.

  • Who : Sreyoshi Dey
    What : When We let the Eyes talk…
    Spicy : When we let the eyes talk what happens? Can it convey a lot? Do you agree when Sreyoshi says ‘The eye-talk with complete strangers is but a treat of everyday life’.

  • Who : Whatsupdoc
    What : Idlis and our eternal struggle!
    Spicy : This post will take you back to your hostel days and remind you of those Idlis in the mess. Literally! In our days, some Idlis were so good that if you throw one Idli at a wall it would boomerang back without breaking. πŸ˜› How were the Idlis at your hostel mess?

  • Who : Minstrel Incognito
    What : Come Out And Play?
    Spicy : ‘I have nothing against the Commonwealth games! Please do not kill me supporters, I too look forward to attending the tennis matches and hope to hell that CWG 2010 does not end up as the piece of crap that it is shaping up to be!’ is how the post starts from Minstrel. You know what to expect. Read it and let Minstrel know your views.

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