The new age #National identities

When we were young, we used to take part in quizzes on the occasion of Independence day. Questions like ‘What is our National Anthem, National sport, National Animal’ and so on. We had ready answers to it. Those were the school days, do you remember it now? Now the times have changed :). Do you know who our National Nautanki or National Timepass is? Yesterday, we had very interesting conversations on Twitter. And today, we share with you such #national questions and answers by the Indian Twitter users. Follow us on Twitter to have interesting conversations.

  • trailblazr National Food Suppliers – Dabbawallahs@blogadda #national
  • silv3rglee: #National Agenda – Unknown @blogadda
  • silv3rglee: #National Couple – Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan
  • vishtech2: @blogadda #national tweet star -shasi tharuur πŸ™‚
  • silv3rglee: #National Stammer – K-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-kkkkkiran! @blogadda
  • ztruc: @blogadda #National Treasure : India T.V Creative team
  • silv3rglee: #National Nautanki – Rakhi Sawant @blogadda #National
  • instantmusings: #National Airline: Air Innnn……errrr….wait, Emirates.
  • ensamhet @blogadda #National kapda Mantri : Sherlyn Chopra
  • BullsEye09: #National Emotional Atyachar – Daily Soaps
  • wisedonkee: @blogadda #national call credit card offers
  • shilps31 @blogadda #National loss-CWG games,#National Profit-CWG games
  • wisedonkee: @blogadda #national salesman Shahrukh
  • kashishkaushik: #National Commisioner – Lalit Modi @blogadda
  • Simplication @blogadda #National Blog Network – Blogadda! πŸ˜›
  • kashishkaushik: #National Bahu – Tulsi (Smriti Iraani) @Blogadda
  • shilps31 @blogadda #National timepass – Twitter, #National flirting – Orkut, #National Meetup – Facebook
  • wisedonkee: @blogadda #National textile minster Salman khan #family welfare minister Rahul Mahajan Information Minister Shashi Taroor
  • viveksingh @blogadda Nasanal Singer Heemes Bhai Resamiya #national
  • aurbolo: @blogadda #National News – @fakingNews
  • ztruc: @blogadda #National Efficiency Symbol : Sarkari Babu
  • silv3rglee:: #National Mom – Reema Lagu. @blogadda
  • Subhadeep: #National political timepass -Dossiers to Pakistan. @blogadda
  • ParulBh: @blogadda #National Detective: Chacha Chaudhary
  • ParulBh: @blogadda #National Entertainment: Dance Bar. #National Consumption: Gutka / Tambakoo.
  • satishkini: #national drink chai .
  • ztruc @blogadda #NationalConfusion: Political Alliances
  • nonstopthinker: @blogadda #National gossip TV channel – Times Now
  • maddytwitts: #National Masscrime: Ticketless travel @blogadda
  • tanaysukumar: #national Speaker: Arnab Goswami . #National Smile: Meira Kumar’s Smile @blogadda
  • vasu_a_s: #National pehalwann- daara singh
  • maddytwitts: #national Teashop : Run by Nair @blogadda
  • silv3rglee: #National Currency – UTT (under-the-table) @blogadda
  • Ensamhet: @blogadda #national accountant : munimji
  • ErrShreyas: #National Worry – ‘dry day!’ #national book – facebook #nationalbeach idol – salman @blogadda
  • maddytwitts: #National bumper sticker : HORN OK PLEASE @blogadda
  • Rima_B: #National comedy show – Parliament in Session @blogadda
  • shiladityam: #National Demolition Machine. Daya. @Rima_B @blogadda
  • ztruc: @blogadda #National Noise : Mamata Bannerjee
  • aurbolo: @blogadda #National Idle – Anu Malik
  • Roflindian: #National illness – communal hatred @blogadda
  • maddytwitts: #National Jaddi colour : PINK @blogadda
  • tanaysukumar: #national wild animal: Archana Puran Singh when she laughs.
  • _UnEmployed: #National adda – BlogAdda
  • rajivbhatia25: #National athlete : Sharad Pawar
  • maddytwitts: #National “”COWBOY”” Lallu yadav @blogadda
  • Komal_Nishka: #national introduction line – do you want to do fraanddship with me? ;D @blogadda
  • Roflindian: #National pastime – outrage
  • Roflindian: Cheapest #National Commodity – Honour of Women @blogadda

Hope you enjoyed this compilation. Spread the word through SMS, Status messages and more and have fun. Add yours to this collection. Remember you first read it at BlogAdda. πŸ™‚ In some time we will be going live with the #perkytweets, the best tweets that will perk you up this week. Do come back soon. Don’t go anywhere!!

P.S. Do you know India’s National Aquatic Animal? Share with us on Twitter and hey, don’t google it to find out!


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