My Dream Job

Dreams! For the last one week, people have been talking about dreams thanks to Inception – The Movie. Let us talk about dreams for one more week. Let us forget all the stress and hassles of life for this week and let us dream. What would be your ‘Dream Job‘ like? Would it be owning a bookstore and having all the books for yourself or would it one of the lifeguards of Baywatch :P. let us dream. 🙂

BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO, is proud to announce this week’s contest called ‘My Dream Job

  • Share with us the job you have always wished you could have. It could be anything. We have no word limit so that you can just let the post flow.
  • Choose an existing item from or create your own design. Incorporate that in your blogpost and if that is not possible, linkback to your product of choice on Pringoo.
  • Add a Link in your blog post, mentioning this BlogAdda contest announcement AND leave a comment here (stating the link to your post), so we know for sure, that you are participating.This is important.
  • In case of any discrepancies, the decision of the judge(s) will be final.

And here’s the most interesting part, we have UPPED the ante for this contest and now the TOP FIVE winning entries can choose personalized goodies (T-Shirt/Mug) from We also will have a very special judge for this one!

The contest runs an entire week, starting Wednesday Jul 21, ’10 and ends on Tuesday, Jul 27, ’10, midnight IST. Hurry Up!

Results will be announced on the BlogAdda website by Friday, Jul 30, ’10. So, what are you waiting for? Write down your thoughts now and share the link with us!

42 Replies to “My Dream Job”

  1. बेहद अच्‍छा विषय है । सपने मात्र सपने नहीं होते सपने एक सोच है उसी सोच को साकार करना वास्‍तव में सपने को साकार करना होता है। जिनके सपने साकार होते है वो सच में भाग्‍यशाली होते है। जिनके सपने साकार नहीं होते रास्‍ता उनको भी मिल जाता है । शिकायत यह रहेगी कि अच्‍छा करो तो बुरा क्‍यों है।

  2. My Dream Job would be one that would involve animals and plenty of greenery , open spaces and teaching.I adore animals and working for them is something that would bring me a deep sense of satisfaction. even the act of watching a cat drink milk is enough to make me happy…

    As for Nature… I believe that the trees around us give an energy that cannot be duplicated by anything in the world gives me a lot of warm . So, my dream job would most certainly involve some thing to do with that too… nurturing the plants also gives me a warm glow…

    And finally, the profession that I have been in for a number of years, the one that doesn’t really fetch me the big bucks but brings me something that all the money in the world cannot buy.. the love of my students.

    I think after saying so much, it must be obvious that my Dream job would be teaching at a place where there is no management person breathing down my neck, where I teach at my pace , where I am surrounded by stray animals and a large open space…yes, THAT would be my Dream Job!!!

  3. I have always wanted to get my pilots license. I would love being able to go down to the hanger down the road and just go up in the air and fly around my home area. What a beautiful and peaceful way to relax and see the world!! =]

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