Conserve. Recycle. Discover

The Beauty of Mother Nature lies in everything which we see around us. Are we respecting the mother nature as we should or are we exploiting her beauty to the fullest? It is World Environment day on June 5 and on that occasion we announce our next contest – ‘Conserve. Recycle. Discover’.

BlogAdda, in partnership with PringOO, is proud to announce this week’s contest called ‘Conserve. Recycle. Discover’.

  • Conserve – How can you help Conserve anything related to environment? For eg. – How can you help conserve tigers and other endangered species? This is just one of the many ways. 🙂
    Recycle – How can you help Recycle? Suggest ways on how one can recycle day to day products.
    Discover – We want a new discovery from you. A gadget which you think will help Conserve or Recycle or in some way help the environment. For ex. A shoes that will pick up the garbage while you walk around and process it, thereby helping the streets keep clean. 🙂
  • Write a blog post about how do you plan to Conserve, Recycle and Discover in not more than 1000 words.
  • Incorporate an image (with a linkback) from which you can creatively use in your blogpost.
  • Add a Link in your blog post, mentioning this BlogAdda contest announcement AND leave a comment here (stating the link to your post), so we know for sure, that you are participating.
  • The winners will be judged on the basis of their innovative suggestions that would be simple and useful.
  • In case of any discrepancies, the decision of the judge(s) will be final.

The contest runs an entire week, starting Wednesday Jun 2, ’10 and ends on Tuesday, Jun 8, ’10, 11:59 pm IST.

Results will be announced on the BlogAdda website by Friday, Jun 11, ’10.

And here’s the most interesting part, the TOP THREE winning entries can choose personalized goodies (T-Shirt/Mug) from Pringoo and will also be showcased on the BlogAdda website for the entire duration of the contest.

Thank you Sukhdeep Singh for the apt suggestion of having this contest on World Environment day.

Update: Satish Vijaykumar and Ranjeet Walunj, the brains behind are the judges for this contest.

36 Replies to “Conserve. Recycle. Discover”

  1. it was very good idea,it is real we are responsible to change the nature. but in this we are all to save the nature heratly.

  2. it was but a very simple & cheap method of conserving our
    friendly eco-environment for which in length we find description in our scriptures like
    Srimad Bhagwat written by Vedbyas wherein plantation of Neem,Pipal,Bargad trees
    have found immence significance & religious importance.also digging of new ponds & reparing of the old one & digging of wells in sufficient numbers will help us not only
    in preserving environment rather it will help us also in preserving water which is going /fading away everyear to an alarming low level.
    in short,like green revolution,white revolution we must go for afforstation,plantation
    of said trees alongwith fruit trees like mango,guava,benana & the others withot fail
    & without waiting further if we r really anxious for the safe survival of all creatures in the world.
    hope everyone withot any malice will appreciate my views.

  3. Starting from the actual users (that is each one of us), societies worried about the environment, political parties and governments at state and central level, all have to take courage to enforce environment protecting decisions even if the powerful people and Corporate oppose them in the name of freedom, growth and development. The objective of “all-inclusive” growth has to be with minimum pollution of environment and wastage of natural resources. The ‘haves’ will have to be inconvenienced for the sake of ‘have-nots’. What practices are required to be followed are all good in theory but become contentious in practice. We need to move to rules-based approaches and rely less on discretion-based decision-making. Political clouts are used primarily to allow the activities that are against rules. All clearances affecting the environment must be on go/no-go basis with NO discretion in future.

  4. minimise the use of petrol-diseil cars/vehicles individualy,only in necesity or need common use /shared use of vehicles be utilised to reduce the emitting of carbondioxide
    to save from air pollutions,plantations of pipal,neem & bargad trees be encouraged to have sufficient
    oxygen in the atmosphere to reduce the menance of increasing pollutions.a social & govt level awareness on this topic be launched on war-footing level.

  5. This supposed global warming will make the earth uninhabitable for humans and also it should be understood that climate has not got any nation but it is global.If emissions are due to sheep in Australia, due to cattle in Denmark ,due to deforestaition in Brazil and Indonesia or China and India using cheaper technolgy to get industrialised and feed their billions of people – all these are for their national interest.Until 21st century,West was responsible for most of the emissions as their industrialisation started centuries ago and they developed better technology to mitigate the emissions but they did not share it with the remaining world and put that technology in the market at very high price which poor nations can not afford to create energy at that price to give even electricity to all their people to light their homes.So by toiling hard with half empty stomachs for decades these nations are in the path of development and most of this devlopment is fuelled by exports to you at abnormally low prices which you are enjoying.Instead,you could have supplied the most better technolgy at reasonable costs but you will not do it as you want many more Bill Gates and here it must be brought to the notice of the world about the price difference between branded and generic medicines.Even in this grave climate situation,as greatly and cleverly publicised by the developed world,you want to encash thro` your efficient technology for cleaner and alternative energy. Yes -this is a big fraud by you on billions of people who do not have two square meals a day,dying due to lack of medical facilities and mal-nutrition.Wake up,be human ;otherwise nature will take a balancing action and you also will be extinct along with the people of the poor world.We have seen dinosautus which is much bigger than you extinct.
    To come out of this,all the devloped countries should help the -whole world- by aiding with funds and technolgy to adapt to these – TEN COMMANDMENTS –

    1. Day should start one hour earlier to utilise the sunlight to maximum.
    2. Control population explosion
    3. Replace ordinary bulbs by cfl lamps through out the world.
    4. Survey of availablity of wind ,solar and hydel energy and construction by UN.
    5. Afforestation.
    6. Reducing the power of automobiles by 20 %
    7. Low carbon technology for old and new thermal power plants
    8. Make public transportation by buses,trains customer friendly and convenient.
    9. All the future development of towns and cities should be environmental friendly
    10.Lifts should start from the 1st floor of the buildings.

  6. Here is my entry.

    At the outset ; I CAN TELL TWO THINGS THAT MUST BE DONE AT INDIVIDUAL LEVEL — Postpone the comforts ,Reduce the luxuries . This philosophy of humans will automatically will cut down emissions to the desired levels as the industry which promotes these will divert their activities more towards the necessity of the total mankind.
    Copenhagen was the occasion to fix a broken system. We need, in short, an assessment formula. Member states of the International Monetary Fund pay assessments based on an agreed quota formula; likewise, the UN requires member states to pay an assessment for its budget. We need clear formulas as well for development and climate financing.But,Copenhagen has created a new accord which does not have any human touch unlike Kyoto Protocol and Bali action plan. The emerging outcome was a disappointment to those who had anticipated the Copenhagen Accord would be turned into a legally binding treaty. Lumumba Di-Aping, the Sudanese ambassador who chairs the bloc of developing countries, called it “extremely flawed.” “A gross violation has been committed today against the poor, against the tradition of transparency and participation of equal footing for all parties of the convention and against common sense,” he said, complaining that Obama negotiated the pact in one-on-one meetings and a forum of 25 nations. We can set a road map to Mexico 2010 letting only the rich countries with whom Obama negotiated in one-on -one meetings and a forum of 25 nations and arrived at an acoord to attend at Mexico rather than all 193 nations who attended Copenhagen summit.The reason being the confusions and conflicts between the existing groups; G-8,G-20 ,G77,Islandnations,poor nations etc, etc.The nations who are the culprits of huge emissions and bound to reductions and who are rich enough either in cash or tehnology to contribute ,need to attend the Mexico summit and come to a final and committed resolution to keep the increase in average temperature below 2 degrees celsius.FINALLY IT MEANS , THE CONTRIBUTORS OF EMISSIONS, CASH & TECHNOLOGY (THE REAL PLAYERS WITHOUT ANY AUDIENCE) SHOULD ONLY SIT TO GIVE A ROAD MAP TO REACH THE UNANIMOUSLY ACCEPTED GOAL AS MENTIONED ABOVE.

  7. Any time when I saw earth in google earth site. It look just like my little home. In our earth, there are many type living and non living things available. It is necessary for our that how we make healty for me and our family and then for my relations and society. We should conserve such as things, which is survive in earth with us lie a Gauraia birds, Tigers, Gidhha,. We start our work from our home, which we can do. Ther are many things, which can recycled and used by us. When we need any things, we purchage new and after finishing our work we forget it for further use. We can try some tips for preservation environment : used electric equipment, when it is neccessary, used less water, pool transportation etc. It is need to be continious experiment for save environment.

  8. an entry made by nuthaki radhkrishan on the topic”conserve recycle discover ,is certainly very light throwing on the latest movement launched by all is really true until & unless the rich countries donot preserve constrins/restrictions on
    higher emissions of karbondioxide by taking resort to gradually redusing backing upon large-scale industries & giving preferences to small scale industries based on human
    run units without fail
    ilisation of petrol,diseil & eletronics equipments which emits maximum carbondioxide which is hazardous to human life.
    maximum plantation of trees on phased-wise on priority basis everyyear without fail
    taking into this programme into the budget by every govt all over the world can do help us in reducing the atmosphere polution menance

  9. Hey Blogadda team, I added the comment on 7th june, but maybe the comment wasn’t saved. The above comment is my entry post if considerable. Thanks team.

  10. Saving our mother earth should be the most important concern for all.

    Few ways to conserve endangered species is by minimizing the cutting of forest trees, not harming the their natural habitat and many more.

    Ways to recycle is by using bio-degradable products and reducing the usage of plastics.

    New ideas to discover, there are many but the only concern is to put them into action.

    Some of the best ways to save our earth is by utilizing less fuel and energy.

    We all should join hands and move ahead to save our mother earth in every possible way we can.

    Ardent Smith

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