BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – May. 8, ’10

Spicy Saturday‘Indians bounced out by Australia’ would have been a headline in some paper around the world today and of course not to forget the Times Square evacuation. This is what we are used to read every morning, why not have something different? Why not read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere? Why not read blog posts which will tickle your sense of humour, posts which will bring tears into your eyes, posts direct from the heart? Yes, we have them all in our Spicy Saturday Picks.

  • Who : Khamba
    What : Clubbers in Delhi
    Spicy : Khamba has come up with this awesome club guide for people looking out for clubbing in saddi dilli! You cannot find a better guide than this, a guide which goes into detailing and categorizing the different ‘species’ found at the clubs. A must read!!

  • Who : Journomuse
    What : An Anti-Climatic Vote
    Spicy : This week, the word ‘hanging’ and ‘hung’ were the trending words. Journomuse has this very informative post about the elections in Britain. Do read it to find more about what the present scenario is.

  • Who : Manish Bagri
    What : To Siddharth Mallya, With Love
    Spicy : Whoa! To Siddharth Mallya with love says Manish. You have to check out the LOVE shown by Manish to Siddharth and his Dad in this post. Manish has done a lot of work on the images. This post is for mature audience and kindly take it in the right spirit 🙂

  • Who : Nuttie Natters
    What : We the people
    Spicy : ‘Isn’t Kasab’s sentencing more momentous than Mumbai Indians entering the finals?’ asks Nuttie. This post is not about the show hosted by @bdutt but about reality in this world. A sure read.

  • Who : Dr.P.V.Vaidyanathan
    What : Why do we tell lies?
    Spicy : Ever wondered ‘Why People lie?’. This post by Dr Vaidyanathan tries to answer it. This comes from a person who has loads and loads of experience of life.

  • Who : Vivek Tulsidas
    What : Where are we going wrong??
    Spicy : Vivek has this very interesting post where he compares the education system in the US of A and India. This is from his perspective. What do you think? What are your views?

  • Who : Gopinath Mavinkurve
    What : An artiste’s touch to Seashells!
    Spicy : Gopinath regularly comes up with such wonderful posts where creativity is at the fore. This post features Smt. Leela Puthli and her works are posted in this awesome post. Get inspired this summer by Smt. Leela Puthli.

  • Who : Anita Lobo
    What : Does chess need a pied-piper in India?
    Spicy : How many of you are following Vishy Anand as he takes Topalov in the World Chess Championship? Who do you think will succeed Vishy and take India to greater heights in Chess? Anita Lobo has this very relevant post which is a must read. Do answer her questions and share your views.

We have been receiving some awesome posts for the ‘Tribute to your Mom‘ Contest. Have you submitted yours as yet? Also do check out the must read interview of Sramana Mitra where she talks about Startups, Entrepreneurship and much more.

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