BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 30, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksPhew, the last week of  March is almost over. 3 months of the year 2010 has just passed by. How has it been for all of you? Two interesting initiatives happened last week. One was Twestival and the other one was Earth Hour. Both these initiatives made us realize the importance of building a community and joining hands together for a noble cause though the way both were celebrated were in stark contrast to each other. Talking about community, Indian Blogging Community is back this week with some awesome posts for you to read. Here are this week’s Tangy Tuesday picks.

  • Who : Shail Raghuvanshi
    What : Freedom from Guilt
    Tangy : How many of you while walking through the streets have seen a man lying on the pavement and not even bothered to check on him? Shail has shared her experience with us and makes us realize that not all persons lying on the pavement are drunkards. A must read post to start with.

  • Who : Amit Gupta
    What : I Love you, But can’t make love to you!
    Tangy : ‘Why does women always expect man to make the first move?’ Why Women have to equate SEX with all the materialist things in life?’ These are some of the questions asked by Amit in this post. Warning: This post is for mature audiences only.

  • Who : Indu
    What : 2002 does not define Gujarat.
    Tangy : An awesome post by Indu on Gujarat that says 2002 does not define Gujarat. A first hand account of the life in Gujarat after the riots and some examples to prove what is shown by the media is not what Gujarat is all about. A post you should not miss reading. 

  • Who : Reema
    What : Proofs of Marriage
    Tangy : “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat tum kya jano, Ramesh babu? Eshwar ka aasirwad hota hai ek chutki sindoor, suhagan sir ka taj hota hai, ek chutki sindoor, har aurat ka khwab hota hai ek chutki sindoor…” was a popular dialogue from the movie OSO. Reema has her take on Sindoor and the proof needed for the society to show that she is married. What is your take on it? How important do you think is applying Sindoor? Let us know.

  • Who : Jayaraman
    What : Life Rules
    Tangy : Jayaraman is known for his sense of humour. This post will prove that again. Not many have this uncanny ability to poke fun on themselves and guys like Jammy, Showa and many other manage to do it so effortlessly. A ROFL post. 🙂

  • Who : The Bald Guy
    What : I cannot cook= I’m a bad wife.
    Tangy : ‘What is marriage to us individually, and as a society?’ What can we say about this post? All we can say is that TBG’s wife is a lucky one. Thanks to IHM for bringing this on our radar.

  • Who : Kanupriya
    What : My wishlist for some more DAYs
    Tangy : LOL! Imagine one having a ‘Well-behaved auto driver day’ and ‘Maid behaving as a maid day’. These are some of the examples of ‘THE DAYS’ which Kanupriya wishes to have. All we can say is Tathatsu 🙂 . Thanks Tanvi for tipping us this post and readers do read this post by Tanvi on earthhour. A short post that makes a lot of sense.

  • Who : Tikuli
    What : I miss you : A true story
    Tangy : A brilliant post by Tikuli which makes us realize to never postpone things as you never know what will happen tomorrow. A post which will rekindle your emotions. 

Beth Kanter believes in doing  Social Good. Do you want to know how you can use Social Media for doing Social Good? Then this video interview of Beth Kanter is a must see for all of you.

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9 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 30, ’10”

  1. Thanks for the tangy Tuesday pick. The post is very close to my heart . Congratulations to all the other winners.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me here, though my personal favourite was the TBG post among all these, made me follow his blog…congratulations to everyone!

  3. Congratulations to all the bloggers who have been featured here.:)

    @Reema Great post! loved it!

    @Tikuli Have no words…(hugs)

  4. Congrats Shail.

    Your narrative was smooth as a short story. I greatly appreciated it.

    True its hard to erase childhood memories and more so when you feel guilty for leaving someone unattended. (strangely, this childhood feeling evaporates as you grow old and replaced with “why should I get unnecessarily involved”). To keep the child in you awake is in itself a great success.
    Congrats once again.

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