BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jan. 26, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksA very Happy Republic day to all our friends in India and around the world. Did you know that Republic day is the only function in India where the politicians do not give speeches? It is the only ceremony in which rhetoric is in the background and visuals are given priority. Did you also know that there was a faceoff between Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Pritish Nandy that was so much fun? This republic day, read the best blog posts from Indian Bloggers.

  • Who : Indyeah for NGI (No Gender Inequality)
    What : The missing girl child…
    Tangy: Why do we need a special day to spread awareness about girl child? Why is it that even today one gender finds it tough to be part of mainstream society? Do you have the answers? Indyeah is back after a looooong hiatus to find the answers in this must read post. Thanks to @solitalks for bringing this post to our notice.

  • Who : Monika Manchanda
    What : A mother of three daughters : God save her
    Tangy : Do you believe in this statement ‘If all your children are girls then if we marry our son to one of them, our grandchildren would be most probably girls!’. This statement was attributed to an educated family and Monika in this post talks about this and much more.

  • Who : Meera Sapra
    What : Insensitive Humor
    Tangy : Daily we come across a lot of jokes directed at Retards. Do they deserve this? Don’t we think of their condition and what is their mistake to face this kind of ridicule? Meera has this comic which will make us realize that someday someone will make fun of us. Do view the comic strip.

  • Who : Sujoy Singha
    What : Tweeting the Movie: Review of Veer (sorta) – Part 1
    Tangy : *Veer + Durgati = Veer-Gati * says Sujoy Singha. Veer, the Magnum opus by Anil Sharma starring Salman Khan conked at the box office. Sujoy has a very interesting review on it in the form of tweets :). Take a look.

  • Who : Richa
    What : Indian Women
    Tangy : Did you know that, Out of all the suicides reported in India, about 20% are committed by house wives? That is a very disturbing fact indeed. What is the reason for this? Is it the Indian Society or the gender inequality? Richa finally vents it out in this must read post. A lot of disturbing facts in this post and applaud Richa for bringing such an important issue to the forefront.

  • Who : LAN
    What : Singh is not always king
    Tangy : There was this very interesting line in the movie Rocket Singh which goes as ‘I have never seen a sardar steal in my life, so I trust you.’ As they say there are exceptions to rules always. LAN has this example in this post which goes against the fact. We agree with LAN when he says that Meter Tampering is rampant in some parts of Mumbai. Have you experienced it? Do let him know and share your experiences with him.

  • Who : Dhanya Venugopal
    What : How I Met The Nair Boy
    Tangy : Do you believe in this saying ‘This is the modern age, girl! Who goes for arranged marriages nowadays?’. Has this question bothered you? Dhanya always wanted to get into a love marriage. What happens when she meets a Nair boy? BTW, did you notice the fact that for the past few weeks we have been having some posts where girls are getting hitched the ‘arranged’ way. Is this the new trend?

This week we had a lot of exciting posts and so did the earlier weeks. If you feel your blogposts deserve to be here, do tip us using the contact form or on twitter. We look forward to hear from you.

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