BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Oct. 24, ’09

Spicy Saturday Jai Maharashtra! Congress and NCP earned the right to rule us for another 5 years. The biggest surprise in the election results was the emergence of Congress Party against the rising prices, anti-incumbency and much more. This was the political news. in other news, we have an all exclusive interview with Ashok Banker, a guest post by a doctor with over 30 years experience and as always our Spicy Saturdays. 🙂

  • Who : Smitha
    What : Unharnessed Thinking
    Spicy : In today’s competitive world, creativity and the ability to think beyond the norms is what is going to count, says Smitha through this wonderful post. The example she has used to explain it makes it an awesome read. Thanks to @solitalks for tipping us this wonderful post.

  • Who : Vivek Rao
    What : Aching to break free
    Spicy : Vivek says ‘This is for every person stuck and slogging it off in a deadbeat job…‘. An awesome poem for everyone to read this weekend and this is tipped to us by Minal. Thank you Minal. Do write in your views on Vivek’s blog. 🙂

  • Who : Gyanban
    What : The Accident Incident
    Spicy : There are some times when we face opposition from someone on our way to do something good, if something bad happens we blame it on the luck. Gyanban has this fictional story to highlight this. A must read post. 

  • Who : Usha
    What : Home Remedies for Cold
    Spicy : The cold wave is going to hit India soon. The winters will be here soon accompanied by the common flu for many of us. Prevention is better than cure and Usha has this very helpful home remedies for cold. A very informative post ahead of the winter season.

  • Who : Rachana Shakyawar
    What : Recycling and Climate Change
    Spicy : For the past few seasons we are feeling the effect of climate change in India. Don’t you think it is high time that we start thinking of our environment? Rachana has already started and has some very interesting things which she has posted, alongwith pictures. Do read.

  • Who : Vinu
    What : The X-Factor. Is it serious or Am I taking it seriously?
    Spicy : “Don’t Love your company, Love your job because you may not know when your company will stop loving you”. Vinu has this post where he shares his experiences with us. Have you experienced something similar? Are you happy with your job? All these questions will come to your mind once you read this post. 

  • Who : Mustaf
    What : Are ‘We’ better than ‘Them’
    Spicy : Mustaf has this post where he has a few questions which has come to his mind like ‘We have so many choices but many don’t get the chance’. Do you have the answers for them? Read and let him know. 

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1. I Hate Roshan Uncle – 55 Fiction by Neeraj Shinde
2. A Miracle; A Short Story by Amit Singh
3. A Love story… by Shankar

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