Promising Agenda: Headstart Summer 2009

Headstart Network presents its bi-annual extravaganza of entrepreneurs, startups, investors, incubators and enterprise customers: Headstart Summer 2009. The conference will take place on 20th June 2009 at  Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Mumbai (Map, URL) and would be focused specifically on early stage investing.  We present to you the agenda of the event.


The event will feature two separate threads: Exhibition and Conference. The exhibition thread will have an exhibition of 20 finalist startups from all over the country. The conference thread will have startup showcases, workshops and interactive panel discussions.

Conference thread
The conference thread will see the following ensemble of events:

Startup Showcase: The greatest learning for an entrepreneur is to learn from another entrepreneur’s story. Headstart Summer 2009 will see a unique three-way interaction between a startup, a panel of experts and the audience, in process contributing to the learning of all three of them. There will be three different 90 minute showcase session focussed on stage of operation of a startup – Seed Stage Startup Showcase, Early Stage Startup Showcase, Late Stage Startup Showcase.

0900 – 0930: Opening Keynote + a report on HeadStart

0930 – 1100 hrs: Seed/Prototype stage Session (Company/group does not know if there is a market for their product/service but have started product development)

  • Startups (10 minutes each) Vericar, Zopte and Orangut
  • Panel Discussion (45 min) between Freeman Murray, Kris Nair and Indus Khaitan

1100 – 1230 hrs: Early Stage Session (Company has acquired a customer and is now looking to expand)

  • Startups (10 min each) Seclore, Swan Suites. InformateMI
  • Panel Discussion (45 min) between Gopala Krishnan, Sasha Mirchandani and Alok Mittal

1230 – 1400 hrs : Lunch Break/Networking

1400 – 1530 hrs : Late Stage Session (Company has acquired a few customers successfully and is now looking to scale up the operations)

  • Startups (10 min each) 160by2, Telibrahma.
  • Panel Discussion (45 min) Krishna Mony, Harsh Roongta. Vishal Gondal

Workshops: There is nothing like hands-on learning with an expert who can hand-hold you through the process. Headstart Summer 2009 will see hands-on workshops on “Making One-Pager Business Plans” and “Early Stage Funding” by some of the Industry’s leading people.

1530 – 1700 hrs : Workshop on Raising Finance for Early Stage Companies

  • Pravin Gandhi. 2nd speaker TBA.

1700 – 1730 hrs : Snack break/Networking

Interview with an entrepreneur: To sum-up the event, nothing like leaving with an inspiring story to linger on with you. The last session of Headstart Summer 2009 will be an interaction with a leading entrepreneurial corporate figure who has made it BIG with his sheer hardwork and persistence, in an apprenticeship conversation with an upcoming entrepreneur.

1700 – 1800 hrs : Interaction with a successful entrepreneur – in interview with an upcoming  entrepreneur

  • Entrepreneurs: Surprise Package.

Exhibition thread

This thread will feature a free-to-all exhibition of 20 of the most innovative startups from the Indian startup ecosystem. These are picked up from a large number of nominated startups by our panel of experts that include Gopal Krishnan, Ganapathy Subramanian, Gaurav Saraf and Karthee Madasamy.  The exhibition will run from Lunch time to end of the day during the event.

1230 – 1730 hrs : Exhibition (20 selected startups will demonstrate their products and brainstorm ideas, revenue models, etc with visitors)

Headstart had it’s first event at Bangalore early this year and this is their second showing. A few speakers/panelists look very promising and hopefully there will be lot of takeaways from the event. We are attending the event and you can say us ‘Hello’ if you are coming as well. We would also be live tweeting and bringing you real time updates. If you are still not following us, do follow us on twitter and get the updates from the event. Hope to see you there!

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