BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 25, ’09

Spicy Saturday

Koali (Hello in Bremnian). It is a cloudy morning here! The Blogosphere is buzzing with just one name ‘Fake IPL Player’ and we were one of the first to discover and include it in our IPL coverage. We have some wonderful posts for you to read this weekend and are sure your would enjoy reading them. Here are our Spicy Saturday Picks!

    • Who : PunkPolkaDots
      What : Have you loved your MEN today?
      Spicy : We start this week’s Spicy Saturday Pick by a wonderful post by PunkPolkaDots. How important is a man in a woman’s life? Do you love them enough? Do you understand them as well as they want you to? A  post which celebrates the essence of Men! A must read!!

    • Who : Quirky Mon
      What : The most important thing in life “aka” Rags to Riches
      Spicy : ‘Money’. How important is this in one’s life? ‘Roti, Kapda aur Makaan’ were enough before and then Reliance came and told us how even the ‘Network’ was as important. 🙂 In recent times we have seen how savings are important for a family in difficult times! Quirky tells us more about it.

    • Who : Noopur Bora for WOGMA
      What : Kashyap and the music in his films
      Spicy : Anurag Kashyap is the flavor of the season. He is getting his due recognition now. One of the important characteristic of all his movies is the music. Noopur Bora gives us a sneak review of some of the songs from his movies and why it rocked! A sure read for all the music fans!

    • Who : Tikuli
      What : I Am What I Am Mamma Thanks To You
      Spicy : Punkpolkadots praised Manhood, Tikuli praises Motherhood! “Matru devo bhava” (Sanskrit) which means Mother is God! Worshipping Mom is much more important than worshipping God! A post which kindles our emotions for sure. Way to go Tikuli!

If you have enjoyed reading these picks, you might want to also read BlogAdda’s earlier picks. We would be delighted if you write in a line or two and let us know your comments.

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5 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 25, ’09”

  1. I am so touched by this. Never dreamed I will be featured her . Thanks BlogAdda team for choosing me. This is a contest entry and voting starts on Sunday. wish me luck. you all rock !!!

  2. OMG! I never thought the post would be this popular! I thought i was the only girl in the world lagging on thanking all the wonderful men in my life! Im glad it has bought positive energy and hopefully you guys will keep receiving the appreciation you deserve!

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