BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 11, ’09

Spicy Saturday

Namaskaram, It is a beautiful Saturday and the elections are approaching so is the IPL  We have all the Conversations of the Indian Elections 2009 covered for you under a single Roof . We also have this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks for you as always 😛 …

  • Who : Prats
    What : Dilli Chali
    Spicy : ‘Prats chali dilli’, is the first spicy pick for this week. In this post, Prats recounts the journey she undertook. It was like reading the pages of our history books again and visualizing the Mughal Architecture.

  • Who : Sainyam Gautam for Viewspaper
    What : India’s true awakening
    Spicy : Sainyam Gautam in this spicy pick from the Viewspaper talks about the true Indian Awakening. This post reminds us about the issues which we are facing in our day to day life.

  • Who : Sush Jaitly
    What : Why is a strong and stable Pakistan good for India
    Spicy : Recent reports suggest that our neighboring country will become a failed state in less than a year. Sush Jaitly in this post raises a few questions and tries to answer them by which it would be beneficial for India.

  • Who : Greatbong
    What : Gajab Tamasha
    Spicy : It is election time and Greatbong in this total tamasha post talks about film personalities turning into political leaders. A must read fultoo time pass but make sense post 😉

  • Who : Shail
    What : Interesting Massages
    Spicy : Social networking sites has its Pros and Cons. Shail in this very humorous post talks about the various messages she has come across and gives her witty take on it. We are sure many of us can relate to it very easily.

Also read, BlogAdda’s earlier picks. If you come across any interesting post and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here. Wish you all a great weekend and we will be soon with some more gems next week.  Cya

2 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 11, ’09”

  1. The topic of elections is misleading and there are a lot of other posts there . Also you ignore m blog with an entire series on the elections . Why ? I want to know the reason as a member . You are obliged to answer me and please do

  2. Shakthi, there is a team who takes care about picks. We get recommendations by the community using twitter or they write to us. The team picks up accordingly. BTW, out of the 5 picks mentioned above, three are non-election related. As you request, the team will review your blog and pick up your posts if appropriate.

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