You are the CM. What would you do?

Hey, but I’m not. Why do you want to know that when I’m not the CM?  We say, you are the CM. You are the Common Man. You have the power. You can select. You can reject. You can vote. You can elect. Yes, You can make the difference. Now, what happens when ‘this CM‘ is made ‘the CM‘.

Indian Elections 2009

It would be great to share your views and to know that what would be the five things that you would like to work on in your state if you become ‘the CM’. It could be problems that you want to deal with, it could be rules that you want to make, it could be things you want to start or it could be things you want to end.

Write it down. Please include the name of your state when you do this. It would be nice if you can elaborate a bit and explain about the issue. So for ex., if you say terrorism is one your issues, write down what you would do as ‘the CM’, if corruption is an issue, tell us how would you tackle it and so on. You got it. Right? Go on and write…

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  1. What an initiative! The problems are in plenty and solutions are none.

    Here are my five main issues :

    1. Safety of a Common Man: After the recent surge in terrorism, a Common Man does not feel safe in a public place. This needs to be addressed.

    2. Infrastructure: In Mumbai, you see dug up roads everywhere in the name of development. Public Infrastructure should improve.

    3. Power shortage: I stay in mumbai but I feel bad when I see other parts of my state reeling under 5 to 7 hours of power cut everyday in this blistering heat. This should be sorted out.

    4. Slums: for any city to be fully developed, slums are an hindrance, Politicians legalize them as they are their main votebanks. Slums need to be demolished

    5. Transport System: A very comfortable transport system makes the lives of citizens in a city easy. The crowds in buses and trains are swelling day after day. This needs to be addressed.

    All the best for starting this kind of Initiative. Let our voices be heard.

  2. CM is a very problematic post especially in India where many problems are unsolved. It is very easy to comment a CM but to hold that position is very difficult

  3. Great contest. I am from Kerala. I am sure ‘Common Man’ can always come up with innovative and effective suggestions. If only the CMs and PMs had their hand on the pulse of the nation, life would have been much easier. Here is my list.

    1. Power supply: Make sure that all the existing power plants in my state are working well and the maintenance is done in a timely and efficient manner, minimize the transmission losses. Ensure better water management by collecting more rain water in the monsoon season. This would help maintain good water levels in the dams and would also help in improving the power generation as well as irrigation water supply. Also, I would make provisions for additional power generation through new projects on a long term basis.

    2. Transportation: Give more importance to the use of water bodies for transportation. We have more than 40 lakes and a lot of water bodies all over Kerala. These could be utilized for transportation purposes as was common till about 30 to 40 years ago. Water transport is cheaper than the surface transport and could be used for commercial purposes also. This would help to bring down the commodity prices. Further, water transport is less polluting and would help in easing the traffic congestion on the roads.

    3. Public Distribution System (PDS): I would ensure complete computerisation of the PDS system. Maintain transparent and accurate data on the PDS. This would help the Government in streamlining the system, enabling it to interfere effectively in controlling price rise and curbing black markets.

    4. Employment: Make provisions for the dead money in the NRI accounts to be made use for funding low cost employment oriented projects. The banks in Kerala have huge reserves in the NRI accounts. This money could be utilized for driving investments in the state. This would also provide the NRIs with a viable and sustainable safety net, especially when they return to Kerala.

    5. Price control: Reduce the state taxes on petroleum products including diesel and petrol. This would have a direct impact on the lives of the common man. The commodity prices and transport fares would come down immediately. To compensate, I would propose an increase in the taxes on luxury villas, liquor and tobacco products. I would also ensure supply of commodities like rice, wheat etc through the Government subsidiaries like Supplyco at prices lesser than that of the open market.

    There are other issues like terrorism, educational reforms, judicial reforms etc which I have not included. But, I have listed down the issues that, I believe, would have a direct impact on the daily lives of the citizens. If these could be done, I believe they would elect me again as their CM.

    After all once I graduate from a Common Man to the Chief Minister, I have to think about my ‘kursi’ too..

  4. The question today is not of CM or Pm but it is to be Indian first and last.Do we want to fix our leader on regionalism or religious based .I dare any political party to declare the rashtra dram is first and foremost than their own forefathers religion.Are we ready to practise our own religion at home and live on principle of Bharat dram outside our house and the world.Why we are carried out by regional,religious,monetry,benefits rather than good clean canditates

  5. Due to the large number of competing interests, parties, castes, sects, tribes, languages, philosophies and divergent views, the job of a CM / PM has degenerated into a continuous balancing act and constant battle to extinguish political firestorms. Having said that, in an ideal world where any wekk-meaning person would be overwhelmingly elected without any meaningful opposition, the said person would start implementing enhancements to the status quo from Day 1. This would include basic standards for housing for all, removal of slums, dredging polluted rivers and canals, stopping all pollution, immediate usage of solar and green technolofy for all public sector undertakings and public vehicles, banning all vehicles from the city centres, improving and extending mass transit, reducing taxes for all persons who limit their offspring and those who utilize and live in an environmentally friendly way, lower taxes for businesses that work on improving their neighborhoods, mandatory school education and free lunches for all schoolchildren, eliminate child labor, tough sentencing for all thos who break the laws, respect for all religions and keeping the government out of religion and the religion out of government, term limits for politicians and restraining nepotism, security without fear and numerous other programmes too detailed to mention.

  6. hi this is tarun from ajmer (rajastha) being a cm is toughh task but its work is more complicated bcoz u cant satisfy everybody at the same time and especially in india where r so many castes religions it becomes more intricated as a cm i would like and stress to improve the politics
    1- improvement of politics and politician by mitigating corruption bcoz there r so many progammes alreaady running but they r of no use bcoz of corruption so eradication of coruuption will be my first priority
    2- i woull spread a network of information at every grassroot level so the plans of government plans may reach to every layman
    3- i would like to enhance public awareness by literacy programme
    4- inequality is the basic problem so to eliminte inequality will be my another priority
    5-internal security and external security will be my priotity

  7. Hi. I would take the Indian Political System by storm and would instantly create a new system where there is no democracy, reason being simple – More Democracy then More Corruption and vice versa

  8. EC needs reforms and it is 60 years old and out dated encourages corruption and increase in poverty.EC with minium staff couldnot control code violation.If they capture thousands of crores during rides what happens this money?
    Elections have become a laughing stock though constitutional. Is it not possible to reform constitution. Majority should not be criteria. Country becoming poorer by election gatherings, mobilisation of people, bribary, incurrs huge economic loss. If party fails its manifestation, bar them in the next election.Election encourages crimes, murders, Lot of discomfort to the people. Why cannot IVORY intellutuals find foolproof elections.Rank the system from other countries like china and save economy and avoid wasting of time, money.Afterall this is peoples money.political reforms with 3 parties whether it may good, bad, ugly party who can govern 5 years! why you need 450 parties with medival age symbols and fool the people. Request equal thinkers to ponder!Urgent action is needed. 60 countries gone and how many years we have to wait for the reforms.

  9. First wipe out corruption by disguising you and your trusted military gang in different forms of people found in our society And then every thing will follow.
    Second be firm and punish the person who divides Bharat Mata in name of religion and regionalishm like Taliban

  10. Rolling out DOLL to the people is very good idea ,a manifesto of TDP.The intellutuals again confused about the role of such dole for decades followed by european countries. The question is resource? The resource allovcation and cutting non-planning expenditure and many ways to make dole to poorer people who earn 20RS day.All the blackmoney can go for funding dole with constraints such should be used for for basic needs.I have seen that WB needs to open a/c with stakeholders to pay entitlement for land compensation direct to to Owner. No middleman involved.He may be educated to operate bank a/c with help of dedicated NGOS for few months. Bank people should have courtsey. If Naidu’s scheme is successful, Iam sure all the people in the country benefit and plan their quality of life accordingly. NREG has utterly failed because of brokers. people havebeen fooled. Every village should have civil society and monitor the manifestos. What happens Rajiv kiosks. The school teachers havebeen burden with land records. The farmer doesnot know Commodity prices.Available in Kiosks. The kiosks have no power. village computers should work on Solar panels when it is operated for NASA, Cars, Is ivory giants like infoys, wipro,TCS cannot develop with internet connection and 24 hrs working conditions in a village as a corpoprate responsibility and Talk so much in SEMINARS and Big talk. Wakeup please.Only pursuit of profits are robbery.

  11. CM is a very problematic post especially in India where many problems are unsolved.
    So … I will do something but for everyone


  13. Common man has every key to control the electing proper personm
    But the c-m is not int. to fully involve. i m a c.m, i invite every c.m. to control
    CORRUPTION. everywhere and everywhere there is a CURRUPTION.try to
    Control d CORRUPTION. and we public can do. or i will say we will have to
    Do later or sooner.

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