Bloggers Meet with BJP at their state headquarters in Mumbai. Register Now!

BlogAdda is providing  an opportunity for Mumbai bloggers to meet BJP, the internet savvy political party of India at their headquarters in Mumbai on Saturday, April 04, 2009.  This meet will give you a chance to be vocal about your stance on politics and interact with BJP.  Hopefully, it will also help you in taking an informed decision. Make sure you read the disclaimer at the end of this post. Register Now to attend the meet. Hurry up! Only 50 invites available.

Ankur from the BJP IT cell was instrumental in getting this organised. Thanks to the BJP IT cell who were forthcoming in taking this initiative. The meet will  feature Vinit Goenka, Maharashtra Convenor, Bharatiya Janata Party, IT Cell who will answer your queries and most probably a BJP leader will attend as well. The brief agenda as provided to us mentions that

The meet is to discuss using social media as a mechanism to get people

  • To Vote
  • To make INFORMED choices. The choice should be clear, based on policy/track record or other factors, and not vague/last moment decisions.
  • Be Vocal about their stances, so rather than banishing politics as something ugly, we need to all have a critical / participative approach.
  • Influence other un-informed voters, who would cast a careless vote that might be cancelled out amongst themselves.

BJP says, “This meet is going to be a platform where they would like to acknowledge the role of bloggers in shaping opinions, and invite their ideas and thoughts on how it can be used constructively. It would be helpful if the attendees come prepared with their research rather than making blatant, unsubstantiated allegations to be fair to this initiative.

To register for this meet, Write your Name, Email & Blog URL in the comment form below alongwith your question, if any, and whether you would attend the meet. The meet will be held at the BJP headquarters at Nariman Point in Mumbai. It will be a two hour meet with details of timings put up soon.  The time for the meet is 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and the venue is BJP State Headquarters, Yogshem Building, Opp. LIC, Nariman Point, Mumbai. Hurry up and Register Now! This is open for 50 members only.

Disclaimer: BlogAdda does not support/recommend any party that is contesting for the Indian General Elections, 2009. We are providing a platform for bloggers to interact with parties and help them take an informed decision. It is upto an individual to vote for a party/candidate at his own discretion.

Update: The meet was successfully concluded on April 04, 2009

58 Replies to “Bloggers Meet with BJP at their state headquarters in Mumbai. Register Now!”

  1. Unlike last time where “Shining India” was the main agenda why has Hindusm taken front stage? Why not show what BJP can do to make India shine & have a more positive campaign?

  2. You claim you dont support any party but the first lines of this post proves it wrong. Your comments that “BJP, the internet savvy political party of India” smacks of nepotism and bias towards the BJP. Never underestimate your readers. Bloggers especially are all not fools. As for my vote, BJP doesn’t get my vote cos they are racist, preach hatred and divisive politics. India doesn’t need religious zealots and fanatical hypocrites to lead this glorious nation. Be sensible, dont vote the BJP

  3. @ Websnacker BJP indeed is the only party we know using the internet effectively (or atleast it seems so) to reach out to the online audience and there is nothing wrong if they want to listen to the bloggers and hear their opinion. We are open to invite other parties as well provided they agree to meet the bloggers. One would be a fool to underestimate readers, we appreciate the intelligence of bloggers and the online community and are sure you do as well.

    It would be good to see you at the meet and be vocal about your stance and have a critical/participative approach.

  4. If the so-called “internet savvy” party really wanted to hear bloggers why isn’t there a “real” leader attending. Or someone who is actually standing for election?

  5. @Ashwan : The day bloggers can show the capacity to influence enough decisions(as far as numbers go), you’ll have candidates paying serious attention as well. At IT Cell, our own endeavor is to take social media seriously, and we constantly bring it up with the candidates too. As far as a ‘ real candidate’ goes, we’ll try and have someone for a short time, but half a month before the elections, our gathering is a bit small to have a LOT of time from a candidate.
    But, I assure, get your reputation across as a responsible, open minded influencer and you’ll get the deserved attention.

    It’s our first attempt too, so lets not jump at conclusions!

    And @Websnacker, Our sincere hope is that readers be wise. while you allege BJP of being all these, congress, is worse on most counts here as well. It’s just not obvious to the average reader. But as an intelligent person, we hope you’d be discerning enough. Do carefully go through the material put across on official bjp platforms, and that’ll let you have a more informed opinion.

  6. चलिये कम से कम किसी राजनैतिक दल को समानान्तर मीडिया की क्षमता का अनुमान तो हुआ अब देखना है कि इस उपयोगिता को वे अपने पक्ष में कैसे कर सकते हैं, ब्लागर जन भी जरा राष्ट्रहित में सवाल उठाएं।

  7. @Ankur: Now I’m confused. The party is “internet savvy” only so long as it can get a vote from the internet, is that what you’re saying? 😉

    Anyway, more seriously, why not get a leader on webcam if s/he can’t be there in person. Why restrict this even to only 50 invitees, do a webcast!

  8. Yes, i will attend the meet. Would like to check out what they have to say, so that, I can make it reach to my readers, playing an influential role.

  9. @Ankur – I am an avid visitor of your Website and that too for obvious reasons. You guys really have good copywriters I have to admit because your so-called official doctrines are just the same as Congress. Just tweaked to appeal to all naive Indians who can then fall for your Hindutva rhetoric.

    The Right Wing parties whether the extreme or the so-called moderates have never done good anywhere in the world so how can you guys be uniquely different but uniquely dangerous Yes. The ethnic cleansing at Gujarat is a living proof of your poisonous agenda.

    I am not a Congress supporter and I am very much aware of how hollow they are too but at least we all know how much they sting. Your party BJP is dangerously different – much worse than a wolf in sheep clothing and Indians do not need more misery.

    @Admin – Your reply “BJP indeed is the only party we know using the internet effectively” – confirms your BJP leanings. And then your “(or atleast it seems so)”, contradicts your conviction because there is no data to support this!

    You can be a BJP supporter, actively advocate the BJP and still be the Admin of this site. Your personal beliefs are your own and I respect it but calling this a neutral platform and promoting BJP smacks of hypocrisy. Perhaps, its time for some inner reflection.

    @BJP Supporters – And I request all BJP supporters here to PLEASE STOP mailing me with your rants and interesting theories why the BJP is supposedly such a misunderstood party and why Mr. LK Advani should be made the PM. I really don’t care so don’t waste your energies, your time and your money in trying to change my beliefs please!

  10. @websnacker We hope you understand the medium correctly and have read the disclaimer. BJP IT cell had contacted us and we agreed to arrange for them. We are open to arrange bloggers meeting with other parties as well. If you or anyone out here know any other political party who would be willing to host such a meet, do let us know and we will put it right here. It’s always nice to walk the talk than just talk. It would be good to see you at the meet.

  11. @Admin. the veiled comments withstanding, Point taken. I am mostly in Chennai so I cant participate in Mumbai but I would be glad if the BJP IT cell organises a similar programme in Chennai. Perhaps, then we can call all participate and walk the talk.

    long live blogocracy!

  12. @admin please let me know the timing of this meeting. I am very much interested in knowing how much money BJP spent in their online presence for the election campaign and why they dint invest(or even thought of investing) to improve the infrastructure.

  13. @Ashwan : To engage with an audience pre-election, is to communicate, the end objetive always being to leave a positive impression.

    It’s the first election when social media seems relevant, and when leading brand managers are yet to completely acknowledge the power social media, isn’t it fair that it take at least some time to get politicians to take it seriously?

    @websnacker : ‘Everyone loves BJP’, is a statement I’ve gotten from a politically careless, old friend of mine, who’s a consultant with a reputed firm, interacting with very senior corporate leaders. They sure aren’t falling for the hindutva rhetoric, but the policies and the contribution to progress by the BJP.

  14. @unitechy The time for the meet is 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. This has also been updated in the post. Would be great to see you there.

  15. Dear Admin,

    Please check your knowledge before commenting. Just because BJP asked you to arrange a bloggers meet doesnt necessarily mean that other parties are not doing so.

    I do not know all over India but in Mumbai Milind Deora, Sanjay Nirupam and Priya Dutt [all belonging to congress party] are accessible thru the web.So is Independent Candidate from mumbai south Meera Sanyal who isnt even backed by huge resources to fund her campaign. And further more they are using freely available tools like blogs,facebook etc to communicate with the audience unlike BJP who is paying a lot for the online campiagns.

    So claiming that BJP is the only party is ABSOLUTELY wrong.

    And if you really wish to educate the bloggers or netizens why not take a step further and invite the CONCERNED congress/samajwadi.professionals party representative and arrange similar meets.

    Please count me in.


    @websnacker wudnt be rite to comment on BJP’s ideologies on this platform as this isnt a discussion forum for idealogies but for the bloggers meet with bjp.[however i agree with u]

  16. समाज सुधर, विकास या देश की तरक्की से सम्बंधित कोई भी तो मुद्दा नहीं है बीजेपी के पास. यह तो केवल हिंदुत्व के नाम पर देश में धार्मिक उन्माद और साम्प्रदायिकता फैलाने तक ही सीमित है….

  17. I dont know if i qualify as a blogger 🙂 .. and i’m not sure if I would be free to attend this event .. but I sure would like to hear you out. I second the webcast / podcast of this meet. Hope you’d consider !

  18. @ankita Wow. It’s great to know that other parties are arranging bloggers meet as well. Do let us know Ankita and we would be happy to announce it here so that bloggers can be a part of it. We are sure you want that, right? It seems you don’t comment/read blogs often and hence cannot read and understand the gist of the post. Having a presence on the web does not necessarily mean you are accessible. You gotta reach out to people like the leaders do so in the offline world. BTW, we did not invite the BJP, they contacted us. And again, if you read the post and other comments carefully, you would know that we can do this for other parties as well. You know some? Let us know and help us organise one. We are here to make the bloggers voice heard and not test knowledge power. Appreciate the fact that it’s good if a party is trying to listen to the online community. We all should try and get more parties listen to us.

    Anyways, this post is about bloggers interested in attending the meet. We are glad that you are attending and would love to have further discussions when we meet.

    @Mayank Great!

    @Snigdha As much as we know now, BJP is doing this. Ankita though has commented and hopefully help us get some more parties to hear us!

  19. @Ankita@unitechy, I am glad there are sane people here who are not blind to BJP’s hidden agenda.

    One more note, as I am not able to stop them, I am now enjoying all the virulent emails sent out by BJP lovers that’s flooding my inbox so, be prepared if you get them. Dont respond, just ignore the trash.

    As far the meeet, the best thing is to make more people participate and make your anti-BJP stance heard and probably embarass the BJP folks. No doubt, they are so sure of it that they are only sending an unknown representative. It would be fun if Arun Jaitley could participate. i wouldn’t mind spending money just to be there and see him turn red.

  20. @ankur @websnacker I really don’t care which party you belong as long as its fair enough for both of us! what we really care about is growth rather than the political drama that takes centre-stage! What matters is security, growth and prosperity! And I think only us citizens can provoke our leaders to take action! It’s we who require to work than our leaders! Practically every leader joins a political party to fulfill his/her personal, individual and organization aspirations!

    Also, hats off to you ankur for bring the BJP on the social media channel! this is the really the akhada where all the political parties will be tested to the mile! In fact, writing about Indian politics on the web will become priceless for us bloggers down the road as it won’t be about how Indian Poltics is driving Indians to the core of all issues, It will be more about how the Indians are driving Indian politics to the core of all issues centrestage!

    @admin Lets rock with our blogocracy 😉 We can hit milestones down the road! Enough is enough! Thanks for making this possible!

    I might come in to see what’s happening on this meet! I think it’s not the bjp or congress but it’s about us people who are told “bade bade shehro mein chhoti chhoti baat hoti rehti hai” or “even “Galti hoti hai – sab chalta hai!” If it was you at gunpoint in the taj or oberoi Mr. Politician, What would you had to say about the same????????

  21. @Websnacker – You’re welcome to raise all questions you wish to, in the discussion, again, simple request, is to be well researched. We’re open to discuss issues.

    As for attention from a senior leader, here are my views :

    And, well, on another forum, I’d like to know what makes you so confident of knowing BJP’s not so hidden, ‘hidden’ agenda.

    What I did see come out in the years of NDA rule, was multi pronged development initiatives.

    And well, while you’re free to hold yourself in high esteem, incidentally, Vinit Goenka, the host, is an ex IBM SVP, who quit in 2002 to be in politics full time.

    @Ankita : We appreciate anyone who’s out in the open to interact with the ‘thinking’ audience, and well, if you didn’t notice, we’re all out supporters of open source.

    @Ronak : bloggers can and must play a role in the democracy, applying independent thought and extending their influence offline.

    @Snigdha : Please do keep us posted about other parties hosting such sessions. I’d like to listen to their side of the story.

  22. @Ankur – you guys dont give up, do you? Vinit Goenka may have been a MNC SVP but that doesn’t qualify him to be a top notch BJP leader, at least the ones we are used to and I am sure all of us agree here. Arun Jaitley or Sushma Swaraj would have been a good choice for a debate but the BJP always likes to play safe so we have to settle for Mr. Goenka ;).

    How do you quantify multi-pronged development initiatives? We all know how you kept India Shining so do we need an other example? As typical of your party, you settle for pompous sounding visions and ambiguous promises that hardly make a difference to the common man but yet, you continue making wild promises mixing jingoistic fervour with fanatacal beliefs to attain power at all costs.

    With all the bad blood on their hands, I wonder how Mr. Modi amd Mr. Advani peacefully sleep at night?

  23. I really applaud websnacker, I wish he was here..

    The fact that politicians in our country take elections to make money is very well known across the country.. even a 4 yr old kid knows what a politician is all about so lets be clear of who we got to elect and who we have to debar from getting elected..

    I firstly question the politician’s right to stand in the elections if you do not have the potential to make it a clear cut success! after all netagiri doesn’t work anyway! and what difference does it make to the common man if a person X or Person Y stands? that definitely has to be defined via public interviews using the public Q & A press conference mode! The politician has to answer the public’s questions within a public interview even before they are given the right to stand in the elections if they wish to contest elections! otherwise we’ll get so many Narendra Modi’s, Raj Thackeray’s, Shivraj Patil’s and Vilasrao Deshmukh’s, not to forget Varun Gandhi’s!

    If I am supposed to go for a job and pass the interview to be hired for a position in a company, then why not in a city, state or country? Why wouldn’t I be screened before even given the ticket to elections? Why not every individual who wishes to contest the elections is screened whether they have the capabilities or not?

    Nor do many politicians have studied even 4th standard or have shown rare courage in public? they are public servants, not that the public is their servant which obviously they think the same way every time they win an election! their election is within the public’s hands and in their hands! The general public decides what is best and who is best for them!!!

    Why do we have to get people as an election candidate in the first place who don’t know to write, read or even speak proper english / hindi / their mother tongue? Why do we have to get people who don’t know to even talk well enough with the public? I just think politicians are all the same everywhere, just a few rare coins don’t a golden club! If I were to think, I would have rather put two levels of elections:

    1) For the right to stand in elections depending on qualifications, skills, social service track record and past behavioral track record along with a clear plan of executing the money that is being offered to the stand-in election candidate! If all’s well with the candidate, I would rather ask the public to vote for each candidate’s right to stand in the election! It would include voting for a variety of candidates worthy of gaining a seat! Only 10 candidates must be allowed to win a election campaign seat in the vote to stand in elections contest!

    2) After gaining seats, there must be two way communication between the voting public and the stand-in election candidates as well as a debate must take place of why they think they must be elected against each other in the “local” vicinity! Also, their detailed plans of local governance including their promises, track record, curriculum Vitae must be sent across to the local public even before they stand up for elections so that the best candidate may win!

    3) A report card system must be introduced and each candidate must be given a rating according to their performance! The public must vote to decide the rating of a candidate so as to decide whether the candidate is really worthy of a seat in the next elections!

    I really think there has to be a systematic process to elect those who really have the plan and the execution capabilities for performing social service to the entire nation!

  24. @Ronak. Thank you. Your comments make a lot of sense and are very much practical. All it calls for is massive public participation but 99% of all Indians prefer to be complacent, surrender and let the corrupt system continue to flourish.

    Using Obama as an example may sound cliche but when people get actively involved, anything is really possible. A better example would be the reinstatement of the Chief Justice of Pakistan due to the massive public unrest. If its possible in a messed-up state like Pakistan, why is it not possible in our country?

    I may sound cynical but we have almost reached a point of no return. The only hope being the new generation of young leaders and people with clean credentials who are now actively partcipating in Politics and hopefully will usher a change. lets hope for a better tomorrow.

  25. Have other views such as Development and would like to understand BJP’s plan for Infrastructure Development, Education, Electricity and Medicinal Benefits.

  26. I think the statement that BJP is net savy may be wrong. Because, they are using the internet only for Advertisments and few leader websites.

    And among them, the adverts are only for Advani who is gunning for elections. So, it is actually Brand Advani’s which is used on Internet.

    I have seen Advani’s website and cannot really believe he wrote up all those, given the busy schedule of his. It might be someone else who is updating the website, his blog et al.

    Gujarat CM Narendra Modi’s website looks more genuine.

  27. @Websnacker What I like about you, is your energy. Too bad, you fell for the platitudes and hypocrisy, to the extent of denying NDA’s initiatives altogether. At the risk of backing out of a debate here, I’d invite you for one outside of this one. Lets match your convictions against mine. Just hope you’ll be well informed about what you’re saying, not making it seem like a waste of our time in educating each other.

    With all that energy and ill informed strong opinions, you’d make a good congress leader! (Ok, with a smile, we’re here to argue out points through, not to start hating each other. I respect your stance, would appreciate the same from you.)

    And yes, @websnaker, I admire & welcome your initiative of to lead citizens in demanding good governance. Hope you lead responsibly.

    For those, looking to discuss Godhra, it would be good if you can do your share of research on the Nanawati Commission, Bannerjee Commission and the little known DS Newatia commission. Yes, you might choose to bring up Tehelka’s 3 day theory, or the ‘pogrom’ or ‘cleansing’ in which one hindu died for every three muslims.

    Just be sure you have enough information when we start talking, if you really want to discuss this.

    @Neeraj : We’re more for listening/discussing than promoting our agenda.

    @Vikash : Glad to have more ideas from you!

  28. And yes, lets not get into looking for perfection. It’s BJP versus Congress. So lets use the same standards to evaluate them.

    Look forward to a meaningful event!

  29. @Ankur, So, what you are saying is that if a person is enthusiastic, has strong secular opinions and questions the rationale of following a communal party, he should automatically be a Congress supporter (and consequently, also an ill-informed, misguided hypocrite who doesn’t lead a responsible life). Whoah! That’s interesting. Even Sigmund Freud would have taken some time for this quick analysis.

    Yes, my opinions are indeed strong but they are based on facts, not on false beliefs. Your party wants a Hindu Rashtra while I believe in secular harmony where every Indian irrespective of religion, caste, creed, color, language or sexual orientation can lead a normal life and not a life of perpetual fear as is the state of minorities in Gujarat. When I visit Ahmedabad and Baroda, I am ashamed to see the systematic economic and ethnic cleansing Mr.Modi has efficiently implemented. It’s so bad in the poorer localities that I am reminded of the Jewish persecution by the Nazi’s. As a BJP member, you’ll vehemently deny this but its a irrefutable fact. After all, seeing is believing and eyes never lie.

    Its ironical that you talk about development but then your party also wants to deny millions of minorities their basic human rights, basic ethics and basic civility that define a human being – something which you sugarcoat and blame the secularists. And you are no different from the dangerous Mullahs and Talibans who paly along and actually provide fuel to your poison machine.

    As usual, you’ll justify everything but I really don’t care and I don’t intend to participate in any useless debates. Honestly, I have better things to doand I will be more than happy if the sane people out here review their support for your party.

    And now that Ms.Sushma Swaraj has herself admitted that your party will NOT WIN the elections, I presume your party need your involvement more. Why waste your time giving me Hindutva lessons!

    Peace, Bro. Live and Let Live.

  30. @Websnacker Lets not question each others’ sensibility or sanity by assuming that one would blindly justify everything. Rhetory might make one feel holier than thou, but doesn’t lead one anywhere. I respected your opinions, and have some of my own.. maybe a discussion will help one of us improve, for the better.

    As far as my reading of Gujrat /Godhra / Modi goes, it’s organized here :

    For all those looking to nail us on this topic, it would be useful if you can go through the material and we can have an informed discussion.

    Also, when you talk of the systemic deprivation of a community you’re actually suggesting that all the programmes in godhra – be it the girl child education, or the lighting of the villages, or the broadband access, or the industrialization – all have carefully, systemically excluded a particular religion.

    I’d be keen to explore it more, if you can logically point out how it’s being done, rather than just alleging.

    And trust me, if I see systemic injustice is indeed happening, I’ll not turn a blind eye and continue supporting what I do.

    Cheers to the sensibility, that’s still not blinded.

  31. @Ankur, I had earlier decided not to respond any more but I liked your quote which said “And trust me, if I see systemic injustice is indeed happening, I’ll not turn a blind eye and continue supporting what I do”.

    People smile when they have a loaded gun on their head so Muslims welcoming Modi and Co is to be taken with a pinch of salt. When Modi was here in Chennai for a business meet, we had a participant ask him if he had any regret or remorse for the Gujarat Riots, Mr. Modi could have said a simple yes but he turned bellicose, belligerent and abused him.

    Anyway, since you want proof, please visit the Muslim/Christian localities of Ahmedabad and Baroda, especially the poorer localities, spend a few days with the poor folks there and you’ll see and realize the bitter truth. And if you are indeed a man of conscience (as I strongly hope and believe), you’ll really review and regret your support for the BJP.

    peace and love bro..

  32. if the BJP really wants to reach 2 people, they should go 2 people who dont have access to internet.

  33. Requesting all BJP supporters to stop emailing me. Its meaningless and I wonder what purpose does it serve for you guys to abuse me. I have nothing more to say, just a request to stop. Thanks.

  34. I love BJP and I wish if I can help them in anyways… though if BJP pay my air fare I will attend there meet and I will also write a post on it..
    but since I’m not in condition to afford the air fare, I will miss the event..

    Let me know if any BJP guys are willing to sponsor my air fare I will love to be a part of the event..
    mark me a mail at

  35. Thank you so much to all that turned up at the meet. It was fun meeting and hearing your views. A good thing would be to try and get everyone to vote this year, who don’t normally. 🙂

  36. @Rupesh Kumar,

    The Event is already over.

    @Admin, why dont we close comments on this one, or make it clear that this event is closed. Vinit has also sent individual emails informing about possibility for a next meet. Hope you can put that here!!!

  37. @ Rupesh The event is over. Thank you for your interest. Keep following this blog to know more about events you can participate or check out the stuff that we post regularly.

    @ Hemal We have updated the post. Will check out with Vinit on that. Thank you. 🙂

  38. Thank you guys for attending, we’re pondering over doing it again this weekend, this time sans the media jazz, and pure discussion, on topics blogger’s choose.

    Need to decide on this quickly though!



  39. @Ankur @BJP अंकुर बाबू आज नौ तारीख है तो प्रभुवर समय के विषय में कम से कम २४ घंटे पहले सूचित करवाने की अगर जुगाड़ बना सकें तो पिछली बार की तरह से खुद को गुनाहगार मानने की सहजता से मुक्त हो सकेंगे, अग्रिम धन्यवाद

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