BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 28, ’09

Spicy SaturdayDobriy den (Good Afternoon in Ukranian), Happy New year to all of you from Maharashtra and Karnataka. It is a long holiday weekend for many and we are back again to make it worthwhile for you. Please do not forgot to turn off your lights between 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm IST to support Earth hour.

  • Who : Saravana Rajendra
    What : Numerology report on Tata Nano
    Spicy : Our first spicy pick for this week is about how numbers played a role in Tata’s life and how it is going to play a role in Nano’s future. A very interesting post…

  • Who : Bishwanath Ghosh
    What : My Friend Sanjay
    Spicy : Bishwanath is this post talks about his friend Sanjay! This post has been picked for the fact that we have all faced situations similiar to this in our life as well. We could go down the memory lane after reading this post to think whether we have missed any of our friends!

  • Who : Sandhya
    What : The Seed
    Spicy : ‘The Seed’. This post is a well written post by Sandhya! There is an undercurrent passing through when we read it. Sandhya in her unique way narrates as to how ‘The seed’ was sown. A must read

  • Who : Deepa Subbaraman
    What : Nostalgia and train journeys (Part I and Part II)
    Spicy : We all have undertaken long train journeys atleast once in our lifetime.  Wanna go back to share the nostalgia of it? Deepa does it with us and takes us back down our memory lanes. A do-not-miss Read 😉

  • Who : Julia Scissor
    What : Remembrance
    Spicy : How important is ‘Remembrance’ ? Recent movies like Ghajini help us realize how important Memory is. This Post by Julia emphasizes on this. A worthy read…

Also read, BlogAdda’s earlier picks. If you come across any interesting post and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here. Wish you all a great weekend and we will be soon with some more gems next week. Hope you have read TwilightFairy’s Interview .  Cya

2 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 28, ’09”

  1. Thank you for choosing my post. That post on death and remembrance is special to me because it was written following a personal loss.

    I have announced the selection by adding an update in my latest post. I appreciate the idea of bringing out a weekly selection of good posts in the Blogosphere. A lot of good bloggers don’t enjoy enough readership for lack of exposure. I am sure your appetizing Tuesdays and Saturdays will get them some.

    Thanks again.

  2. @Julia Thank you for your kind words. We are committed to bring out good posts from the Indian blogosphere and would need your help. If you come across any good ones, do let us know using the contact form or on twitter using Tip @blogadda . If we include that, we will credit you for the tip.

    We trust that you look forward for the bi-weekly picks. 🙂

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