BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 14, 09

Spicy SaturdayAloha, We are ready to serve you with Spicy Posts for this week’s ‘Spicy Saturday Picks’. We have some really good posts on the menu for all readers picked from the Indian Blogosphere. Take a look.

  • Who : Mekie
    What : Photos of Rock Shelters of Bhimbekta
    Spicy : We have the amazing photos of Rock Shelters Of Bhimbekta clicked by Mekie. The Photos take us back to the time when humans used red and white pigments to create rock art. Have a look at the photos to realise how these painting have withstood the vagaries of nature over time.

  • Who : Abhinav Bhatt
    What : Cupid and Me
    Spicy : A Humorous Poem by Abhinav Bhatt on the occassion of Valentine’s day is a must read. The way he talks about his meets with cupid is a sure read.

  • Who : Ranjeet Walunj
    What : Is Open Source Software Secure Enough?
    Spicy : Ranjeet Walunj answers the very prevalent question in tech circles ‘Is Open Source Software Secure Enough?’. To know the answers and post your views, Visit Ranjeet’s blog.

  • Who : Maitreyee Manglurkar from WOGMA
    What : ‘Gabricha Paus’ Preview
    Spicy : Maitreyee Manglurkar from WOGMA (Read interview of Meetu, the founder of WOGMA) previews the movie ‘Gabricha Paus’. The movie has a beautiful message and Maitreyee has previewed it beautifully. We need to promote movies with such a good message!

  • Who : Sam
    What : Photos of Raigad Fort
    Spicy : These are the pictures from Raigad fort which he visited last month. This is the great fort which was capital of great emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. You will be amazed by looking at the height(820 meters from sea level) at which the fort is situated, this fort comes in Sahyadri mountain range.

  • Who : Ekta paneri
    What : Free Hosting for Bloggers
    Tipped by : @ektz
    Spicy : Ekta in this post has an great offer for newbie bloggers and regular bloggers as well. Do check out to know more about it.

Also read, BlogAdda’s earlier picks. And make sure you send in your favourite picks. Wish you all a great weekend and we will be soon with some more gems next week. Cya

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