Life of a Blogger

Life of a blogger depends on what stage of life the blogger is in. Here, we talk about two stages. A blogger in college and a blogger as an IT professional. We are sure that you must have many interesting things to share as your life as a blogger.

Go ahead and read what goes on typically in the life of a blogger

Life of a blogger as a college student

7:00 am: Sleeping. Night commenced about 3 hours back after an enthusiastic 5 hours of blogging, chatting and orkutting and consciousness is still at least 4 hours away

8:00 am: Shit!! College. Classes begin at 8.30. what day is it? Wednesday?? What?? Wednesday!! Internal assessments day. Haven’t studied a thing. Bunk!! Back to bed sweet bed.

11:00 am: Drag body out of bed. Brush teeth, go to the mess to have breakfast and get kicked out for asking for breakfast when its almost close to lunch time

11:30 am onwards: Switch on the computer, log on to orkut, yahoo messenger and blogger – no one online. Sigh!! Why does everyone have to go to college?

Log on to blogger and write an aimless, purposeless pointless post about how boring life is and bitch about hostel and college and post it. Click on the link of each and every blogger on your blog and read his/her blogs to see if they have updated. If they have, then read and leave a comment. If not leave a comment on their latest blog asking them to write. 😛

Now click on the links of other bloggers pages and browse through all blogs.

2:00 pm: Have lunch.

3:00 – 6:00 pm: Sleep and if awake make fun of friends who wasted time going to college.

6:00 pm onwards:

Click on Technorati and check out all the people who are linking to your blog.

Browse all blogs and see if anyone has any widgets which you would like to use on your blog.

Add new widgets to your blog.

Add a shout box to your blog and shout in the shout boxes of all the people who have a shout box.

Go to Preview Anywhere – and see a live preview of outgoing links in a small popup which activates on mouseover.

Use Feed count from Feedburner to show off the number of visitors to your blog using the button which this site provides.

Use Polldaddy to create useless polls and display them on your blog and let people vote.

Go to Feedjit and get a live in feed for your blog and find out who visits your blog and from which part of the world.

Go to Clustrmap and see if the number of dots have increased and if the size of the dots have increased.

Check the Sitemeter stats every 10 minutes and shout and swear when you see that the number of people visiting your blog has only increased by one.

9:00 pm: Dinner

All night: Repeat 11:30 am & 6:00 pm activities again and again till sleep beckons.

Put this whole thing in an infinite loop and do it day after day month after month, year after year.

Life of a blogger as an IT professional

8:00 am: Get up and get ready for office.

9:00 am: Be in the office braving the traffic.

10:00 am onwards: finish breakfast, check mails

Log in at blogger

Check for new comments on your blog

Reply to them, if you have any.

Check shout box

Try and get some work done when boss is around

Check feedcount

Check sitemeter and keep on refreshing every few minutes

Check feedjit

1:00 pm: lunch

2:00 pm onwards:

Attend meetings and be physically present but think about what topics to write on your blog.

Rush and log in to blogger after meeting is over and post an entry.

Work and fix errors in code and reply to comments on your blog simultaneously.

4:00 pm: Tea break

5:00 pm onwards: Repeat 10:00 am routine till end of day.

7:00 pm: Finish work for the day and leave for home.

Phew! So much work done. 🙂

Now, its your turn. Do share with us how you spend your day. Do you do something similar or do you resist the temptation of not checking blogs very often? Let us know.

18 Replies to “Life of a Blogger”

  1. Yes, you described it pretty well. I do not know how to do the computer stuff – you know add widgets and shoutboxes etc. but I live pretty much the same life. Am commenting on your blog from office 🙂

  2. I can’t comment on the life of a blogger in college. I am an IT professional and started blogging on a slow day in office. And now am completely hooked to it

  3. ooooh absolutely. Have just started blogging and am discovering, much to my chagrin and delight ( yes, i am a bundle of contradictions ) that it is an addiction.

  4. I loved it. I am an IT professional. But the only difference is posting as blogger is blocked 🙁 So posting is usually done from home.

  5. Good stereotypes portrayed, however for certain breeds of I.T professionals like me, the companies are kind enough(to our bosses) to block all possibilities of us reaching anywhere beyond Google. So the said crime has to be done from home. So it’s more of a ‘working from home’ situation than a ‘homing from work’ for people like me. Again only restricted to weekends where we don’t have to go to bank, shopping mall, kids’ school, their swimming classes, parents’ place, hospitals, social networking sites such as friends homes, b’day parties etc. So a bloggers life in my opinion one of the most miserable one as well, unless of course we have blogger friendly offices with blogging bosses. Its high time united we stand and fight for our rights, only question is, with whom?

  6. Not exactly the same, but yes, almost…..

    I am a blogger too, but I don’t think about what to blog everytime, I like experimenting things and its my habit to do something new everyday, so just write about it……

    Blogging is actually not my motive to blog, the main purpose I went for blogging is to find out how it all works and what people usually want in such sites, so as to make a new blogging package someday…..

    But thats for sure that it needs a lot of hardwork to accomplish a task like creating a whole new blogging package and starting the work does not really mean its gonna end…..

    So here is one more form of blogger life that you can find…..

  7. I am new to blogging but I am a fast learner. My method of work is let’s finish it what is started. I am putting more time and effort in learning it.

    If you could suggest me more blogging advise I would be grateful to you.


  8. LOL..that’s exactly what I did in college and as an IT professional…gr8 post…you should also add joining blog communities like Blogadda 😀

  9. I am doing MBA from NITIE, Mumbai.
    Never bunked so many classes even in my Engineering just because now i have started blogging..

    The schedule you have mentioned is pretty accurate. And as i had worked in TCS for 2 years, i can very well appreciate the life of a blogger as a IT professional.

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