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Interview with Neha Ghosh

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Generally it is assumed that fitness and food don’t go together. Most fitness guides will tell you to give up on food that you love the most, to help you build both your body and character. What is life without good food though? So we bring you a blogger who is a fitness trainer, adores food and abhors fitness fads with the same gusto. Don’t go by the name ‘Put That Cheeseburger Down‘, because Neha Ghosh could live on French fries if she could! We caught up on a personal chat with the award winning blogger to bust some fitness myths! The interview is quick, to the point and with zero extra fat, just like Neha’s blog!

Neha Ghosh

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Interview with Shweta Taneja

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Shweta Taneja is a tantrist masquerading as an author, graphic novelist and journalist. She is known to hex people who annoy her, or order a hit on them through underworld hitmen. Just kidding. She’s just a very prolific writer, churning out books, blogs, graphic novels and articles at the speed of light. We suspect that she gets some supernatural help considering the speed and variety in her writing. We probed a little into Shweta Taneja’s life with our questions, and this is what we came out with.


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Interview With Vikram Kamboj (The Sports Mirror)

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

If you’re a sports lover in India, you have to have heard the name ‘The Sports Mirror‘. The blog, founded by Vikram and Pooja Kamboj in 2010, is the place to go if you want updates, in depth analysis, opinions and articles about all the major sports followed in India. The USP of this blog is that it cuts through the noise surrounding sports and gives you clear news and updates. The Sports Mirror does stand out from the crowd, and why would it not? It is the winner of the ‘Best Sports Blog In India‘ at the #WIN15 Blogging Awards. We interviewed Vikram Kamboj, who held up a mirror to the state of sports and sports blogging in India.


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Interview With Priya Adivarekar

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Priya Adivarekar is Queen Bee at Diary Of A Dancebee, a blog that talks about fashion, beauty…and films. Yes, her blog is a curious mix of the three, which work amazingly well together. She wears many hats on her pretty and well-maintained – dancer, voice artist, ex-journalist, choreographer, blogger and professor! She is also a winner of many awards, including Best Entertainment Blog In India at the #WIN15 Awards. She has made it big in the blogging world and has bigger plans for her blog in the future. Priya is normally the one asking questions in an interview, but we turned the tables on her and put her in the Interviewee seat. Read on to see how she fared in the interview.  🙂


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Interview With Nitika Bhatia

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

There are some blog names which make you wonder what the blog is about, and then there is Nitika Bhatia’s blog. ‘The Shopaholic Diaries‘ makes it loud and clear what Nitika is passionate about and what you’ll find in its pages. Nitika has turned her love for fashion into a full fledged blog, and fashionistas can spend hours meandering through its pages. The winner of the ‘Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog‘ at the #WIN15 Blogging Awards is now in conversation with BlogAdda. Read on and get your fashion fix.

Nitika Bhatia Interview

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Interview with Dollie Solanki

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

There are very few women whose eyes don’t sparkle when they see beauty products in a store. While this interest in beauty is an occasional indulgence for most, Dollie Solanki turned her passion into Indian Shringar, the leading Make Up & Skin blog in India. The USP of her blog is that Dollie uses this platform to blog about travel and books apart from detailed reviews, OOTDs, trying out new products and more. Dollie also won the ‘Best Beauty & Skin Blog in India‘ at the #WIN15 Blog Awards. We quizzed Dollie about her idea of beauty, her skin secrets and her thoughts on blogging. Read this beautiful interview below.


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