Everything you need to be Holi-ready!

Holi might not be the biggest festival in India in terms of scale and spending (we think that distinction belongs to Diwali), but it is certainly one of the most fun days in the entire calendar. It is a day when the old are covered with the colour of youth, and the young ones lose themselves in masti. But you need to make some preparations to have fun, so here is everything you will need to be ready to have a blast when Holi comes!


1. Mythology about Holi


Why do we build a huge bonfire? Why do we play with colours on Holi? Holi is quite a lot of fun even without knowing the reasons behind the celebration, but knowing the mythology about Holi gives a different dimension of enjoyment to the festivities. So here’s a short introduction to the stories associated with Holi.

2. How to do the Holi Pooja

Before everyone goes crazy with colours on Holi, it is time for some spirituality and feeling closer to God by building a bonfire and doing the Holi puja to take all the evil out of our life. Generally we bank on elders to do the puja while the youngsters stand with their hands folded. There are different puja rituals in every house, but here is a handy guide to doing the standard Holi puja.

3. Throw a memorable Holi party


Once the puja is out of the way, people look forward to having fun during Holi. Holi parties are quite the norm among those who take their enjoyment seriously. Throwing a successful Holi party is quite an art, and we have some ideas to throw a killer house party for Holi.

4. Make delicious Holi special dishes


As we said, being prepared is the first step to having fun. And if you want to eat to your heart’s content on Holi, you will have to make some efforts in the days leading up to it. We at BlogAdda have prepared a list of scrumptious traditional dishes that are Holi must haves, so take a look.

5. Holi celebrations across India


India is such a vast and diverse land, that every festival acquires a different meaning and custom based on the location. And for a festival like Holi which is as much fun as it’s religious, it is obvious that people’s way of enjoying the festival will also differ vastly. Here are the different ways in which Holi is celebrated in the country.

6. What to wear on Holi


Holi celebrations in Bollywood have influenced us to such an extent that every Holi is a constant battle between wearing embroidered white kurtas like the stars on screen and wearing old clothes that will have to be discarded after being doused by colour. If you can’t make up your mind, here’s some help in deciding what to wear on the day of Holi.

7. Remove colour stains from clothes

If you are the victim of a surprise attack on Holi that spoils your good clothes, or aren’t willing to part with the clothes that you earlier decided to sacrifice on Holi, fret not! Here are some solutions that will help you in removing stains from clothes and restore them to their former glory.

8. Make healthy Holi colours


By now, all of us know that the mass produced Holi colours do us no good because they are full of harmful colours and abrasive materials. But there is also no way that people will celebrate Holi without colours. The alternative? Homemade colours that are easy to make and safe, even beneficial for your skin and hair! You can make the colour preparation a fun session with your kids too!

9. TLC for your skin and hair


Lots of colour, getting splashed by water and being out in the sun for long hours – sounds like a hair and skin disaster, right? We can imagine you recoiling in horror thinking about the effect that Holi festivities have on your skin and hair. If you’re not looking forward to all the damage, here is how you can avoid and repair the Holi effect on your body.

So these are the things that we think will help you enjoy Holi to the fullest. If you have some Holi special tips, feel free to let us know in the comments. Have a happy and safe Holi!


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