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Slumdog Millionaire Blogs Coverage

Yes, Yes. We know this is a big thing and everyone is thinking what could happen next. Here are some of the blogs that have written about Slumdog Millionaire winning 8 oscars.

Updated on Feb. 25, 2009

Sush JaitlyDanny Boyle says ‘Slumdog Millionaire is a British Movie’

Joseph ThomasAn Indian Victory

Sindhu SubramaniamCheers to optimism

Anouradha BakshiJai Ho

Ninos MumMy Favorite Bit of the Oscars

Karthik MuraliJai Ho Rahman


Kannan N KarthaSlumdog Glory and Indian Cinema

Viewspaper – Slumdog Millionaire in Oscar Triumph

ShakthidharanOscar Euphoria : Are we ga-ga over nothing?

Harish IyerProject Tag Along  : Celebrate Slumdog Millionaire

Anil KulkarniSlumdog Millionaire sweeps OscARRs

Sush JaitlySlumdog Millionaire: Don’t get too carried away!

Joseph ThomasOscars to India

Vikas GuptaSo, why did SM win 8 Oscars?!

Manu JosephOscar 2008 Winners : Slumdog Millionaire does it again

Kiran ManralJai Ho

Darshit JoshiA.R.Rahman wins Two Oscars !! And India wins Three !!

LekhniWhy do Indians hate Slumdog Millionaire?

If you have blogged an entry about Slumdog Millionaire after it won oscars, do let us know and we can link from here.

9 Responses to “Slumdog Millionaire Blogs Coverage”

  1. Annkur says:

    Nice coverage …

    as vikas mentions in his blog post…
    “The power of human emotions can really overwhelm. It is a telltale sign that the ‘heart’ still calls the shots in a troubled and deteriorating world.”

  2. Vikas Gupta says:

    This is a good compilation here.

    And thanks Annkur! 😀

  3. bhanu says:

    slumdog oscar is for indian pooverty

  4. Jagjit says:

    Thanks for listing me here! 🙂

  5. Check out this post labelled “Villacat Threadbare” on my blog site

    (my take on Slumdog M.)


  1. […] What : Rahmania Tangy : A.R Rahman created history when he won two oscars for his compositions in Slumdog Millionaire. Sunil Kurup in this Tangy Tuesday Pick  talks about the career of the maestro. it has everything […]

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