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Personal blogs: Are they really personal?

Personal Blogs - Are they really personal?

We all know that one of the ways blogging is being used is as a medium for people to express themselves, pour their emotions and talk about issues which bother them and get the opinions of complete strangers on those issues. It brings us to the fundamental question. How personal are personal blogs? Isn’t that a misnomer?

We mean when everyone in the world can read your blog, where exactly is the personal element? It is all right if people talk about their grievances against the government or various issues in the country but there are blogs where people talk about extremely personal things like their life, their crushes, their love failures, their grievances against their spouses etc. and they prefer to blog because blogs help you do all this while hiding behind the anonymous tag. You can create an account on blogger or wordpress and call yourself something like “Lost in Love” or “Lonely Soul” and pour out your feelings without worrying about someone finding out who you really are.

So what makes people do it? Write about personal things and be read by millions of strangers across the world?

The main reason is that many a times we relate to complete strangers rather than people whom we are close to or those who we have known for long because sometimes complete strangers have the same problems as we do and can offer better solutions and can empathize with us than people are close to us but don’t know what we are going through. That seems to be one of the main reasons why people choose blogs as a medium to express themselves. Also, writing about anything can help you vent all your frustrations and think clearly and lucidly once all that hurt is out of your system. So what better way to write about it and let people know your problems get their opinions and be anonymous at the same time than creating a blog.

Sharing your life with millions of others across the globe might sound ludicrous but the key thing here is the anonymity factor. There are a lot of really popular blogs (written by anonymous people) and they are hugely popular because it has many people with similar problems contributing to it and also getting advice from others.

There have been occasions when after a few days someone has written an entry on his blog, he wants to remove it. The bloggers do remove, but do not know that it has already been indexed by hundreds of search engines and sites that maintain archives of the web. It’s difficult to get out of them.

So, though personal blogs might not really be personal, they have created something close to a mini revolution now and are here to stay whether we like it or not.

What do you think? Does it make sense to write about all your personal things and thoughts when the whole world is reading?

45 Responses to “Personal blogs: Are they really personal?”

  1. Pooja says:

    You know what, I was thinking the same a few days back. How can your personal blogs remain personal when you write all the personal things that everyone can read it? I smile when I see that so many bloggers write about their love, parents likes and dislikes and so much more. Now, tell me is there anything personal that remains with the blogger. Unfortunately not.

    There is one downside though. We do not know if the so called personal things are for real or are faked. I enjoy it nevertheless. 🙂 Good topic raised!

  2. Practical says:

    Most of the people blog these days in the hope of getting adsense and $$$

  3. bookworm says:

    It is ironic how people want their blogs to personal but there are open to the whole world. In a way, I do enjoy writing about personal things, but I do keep names anonyomous so it’s pretty least I tell myself that. Nevertheless, I think blogging is great way to just escape and write down what you feel…without editing! Ah, you did mention the anonymous factor. We all have problems but many other people around the world share the same problem so, it does help people come together to face the problem together. . .


  5. Vineet KUmar says:

    Its is a way to sell your emotions and perhaps nobody loyal when he writes.

  6. sundeepsharma says:

    hay mara naam sundeep hai ,

  7. Sujay says:

    I have two blogs – my professional and personal blog .

    I advertise my professional blog everywhere and make every effort to publicise it. I try to ping this blog , through several ping machines, so my blog does not get left out .

    Personal Blog – I do not publicise my personal blog , and let my blogeditor ping it ….:-)

  8. narendra kumar says:

    According to me in personel blogs everybody writes his/her very own things, secrets.
    after that he allows everyone to read it, then how we can say that blog is personel.
    In reality , people takes advantages of title ”personel blog”. In sense ,people becomes
    intrested to know about it and this way thet wanna publicity.

  9. Shalini says:

    Personal Blogs ……well I think it’s a good way to unload oneself……what we need is somebody to talk to and personal Blogs are a great way of putting across your thoughts, inner emotions which many people are scared to talk about but when one somebody writes one can relate to it so many times ….it gives a chance to help people free themselves from their own limiting attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and actions .

    I write what I feel from the heart as in my writings most of the time my heart rules my head …..It’s intellectually motivating for me as I like to tread on the path which most people don’t dare.
    As they say we wear different masks ar all times and i still cant understand why people have to hide their names to write things ….one has to have the courage and be bold enough to let the world know what they feel ……afterall human thouights play a great role ……see my writings on

  10. mansoorali hashmi says:

    Personal still remains personal if it is with the persons who are writers(Bloggers are supposed to be a writer) and writers have something in common that is emotion. So I
    can say that personal blogs will reimain personal at large. I also do agree with Shalini’s remark on the subject.available at yahoo Messenger:

  11. Cool. Come by and hypnotize yourself if you please 😉

  12. dkgupta says:

    when we share personal feelings,emotins,events through blogs, then it belongs to all,we cannot say it more a personal. henceforth,lives of politicians,celeberaties is do not remain personal.blogs are the platforms where one can vomit his anger, frustrations,feelings.if anything is personal for someone, he will never share through blogs.

  13. dkgupta says:

    no comments

  14. I wish you would post more often…this is my “coffee drinking” blog:) Edgar Allen

  15. monsoon says:

    Man is a social being & cannot live alone. But the post-modern world has made him somewhat self-centred & dried out of emotions. Infact, he is not emotionless, he fears to pour out his emotions. He fears to get misunderstood by his near ones. This is when the fantastic idea of “blogging” comes to his rescue. Cry your heart out! There is someone somewhere in the world to sympathize. Speak out your brain storms & however idiotic they are, none will call you a fool! Your kith & kin will b://"> July 21, 2008 at 11:22 am

    I have two blogs – my professionasu/3t-meta c-lhi bant! Tep://www

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August 16, 2008 at 2:19 pm

I wish you would post more often…this is my “coffee drinking” blog:) Edgar Allen

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narendra kumar Shalini says:

Its is a way to sell your emotions and perhaps nobody loyal when he writes.

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  • August 14, 2008 at 4:37 pm

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    Shalini says:
    July 15, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    Its is a way to sell your emotions and perhaps nobody loyal when he writes.