Featured Author: Rashmi Bansal

The blog world is buzzing with the announcement of Rashmi Bansal‘s latest book, “Poor Little Rich Slum – What We Saw In Dharavi And Why It Matters” and we thought to add to the buzz. Isn’t it always a desired thought to know the face and the mind behind the paperback, up-close and personal? We just read your thoughts! 🙂

We announce the grand introduction of our section called “Featured Authors” where we bring your favorite authors whose books you are dying to review, closer to you. A small set of questions gives you the perfect insight on what to keep in mind about the author when you are browsing through the pages. If you are wondering what if you don’t apply for the review or get the book, how does that matter? Isn’t it always a nice thing to know another achiever from a closer angle?

So ladies and gentlemen, we flag-off with a small tete-a-tete with Rashmi Bansal.

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