WOW: Define Courage

Dear Bloggers, We are currently living in uncertain times with the second wave of COVID-19 in India. During times like this, our faith can be challenged and it can be hard to focus on the positive side. Many who are locked at home, others who are working to help and prevent the virus, also need the reassurance and the hope that we shall overcome this.

Write Over The Weekend - Define Courage. What Does It Mean To You?

It’s been a week, social media posts are no longer about trending memes or Instagram-worthy pictures. Instead, it is flooded with tons of DMs and posts by people pleading for beds, oxygen cylinders, meds, and even food for the elderly in quarantine. Thanks to people who put together crowd-sourced, authentic information and helping each other wherever needed through social media.

Courage is beautiful, at this very moment, healthcare workers are on the frontlines battling COVID-19. In our local hospitals and around the world, they are putting themselves at risk to help. 

For this weeks WOW, we want you to ‘Define Courage’ in your own words. What does Courage mean to you? Share with us all the stories on what brave choices you made or the most courageous thing you’ve ever done. Write about a time when your courage failed you and what happened next. 

A small effort can make a big difference during these tough times. This is the time to use our social media platform power. To those around us who need help, we would love to help the community. Please feel free to tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook if you or anyone on your list needs help. We will share it on our feed. 

Get in touch with the right people for help, check and verify the numbers you receive, help each other in any way, use sanitizer and mask. 

Remember to submit your blogpost before Sunday midnight to be eligible as a valid entry and win a chance to display the WOW badge proudly on your blog and social networks.

Kindly add this line in your blogpost, This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Click on the submit button below and share your WOW entry. 

Stay safe, stay at home! 🙂

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