WOW: Some Might Say That It’s Wrong To…

Hello. It’s the start of a new month. New beginnings. There are a lot of things to do, things to complete, new things to start. Whatever you do, or don’t, ensure you’ve a lot of fun.

Some Might Say That It's Wrong To…

Haven’t we all grown up with a lot of people telling us what to do or not to do? A lot of them also advising on how to do it. Maybe, it starts with our parents/family – telling us the ‘right’ things and the ‘wrong’ things. As we grow up, we form our own decisions. Our own choices. Our interpretation of right and wrong things.

For the WOW prompt this weekend, we want you to write about ‘Some might say that it’s wrong to…‘ This could be a story about any particular incident when somebody told you not to do a certain thing but you felt otherwise or even about a few things that you feel otherwise or maybe even agree to, of quite a few terming as right/wrong. As said before, whatever you write, ensure it is fun. For you. And for your readers. 🙂

Share your post by Sunday midnight using the form and win a chance to proudly display the WOW badge on your blog. Wish that the New November month be Nice for you!

Add this line in your post, ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ Click on the submit button below and share your WOW entry to be considered valid. Enjoy blogging!

And yes, Diwali is round the corner and we wish the next week for you and your family, be as awesome as you are! Have fun.

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