Charity Pop-Up Event by Wishes And Blessings

NGOs are always looking for unique and engaging ways to raise and collect funds to support their causes. Delhi-based NGO Wishes and Blessings has come up with its own infallible and fool-proof approach, and this system has stood the test of time: the pop-up. The NGO now has announced their fourth annual charity pop-up exhibition: WB ACT 4.

Charity Pop-Up Event in Delhi - WIshes and Blessings

To be held on the September 13, in the heart of South Delhi- GK II- WB ACT 4 is going to be one of a kind. What separates the organization’s exhibitions from run of the mill events is that vendors are handpicked, and so is the clientele. This ensures that the cream of the crop shops, and up-and-coming designers find an avenue to showcase their collections. What makes this an unmissable event is that the funds collected go towards charity. Leaving no stone unturned, Wishes and Blessings promises a fun-filled day, with many more surprises up its sleeves.

After successfully holding three charity pop-ups over the last three years, WB ACT 4 is bound to be a success. Funds collected from the first pop-up went towards building a classroom for underprivileged children. 14 underprivileged girls’ marriages were organised with the funds from the second pop-up. Funds raised from the third pop-up went towards building the organization’s first home for the elderly called “Mann Ka Tilak”. Money raised through WB ACT 4 will go towards the running cost of Mann Ka Tilak and towards building a home for the aged poor men of Delhi/NCR. A specially curated event, WB ACT 4 is a fun way to contribute to a good cause- to spread smiles and make dreams come true!

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  1. It is a great cause towards humanity.The universe is working only because of such noble acts.great work.keep up the spirit.

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