Spicy Saturday Picks – 30th September, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! Now with the rains almost on their way out, spicy saturday blogs indiathe weather is perfect for wildlife lovers to make that sighting. Animal and bird lovers, this special edition is for you!  Get inspired to step out and explore the abundance around.

Who: Oindrila De
What:  Why the Serai Bandipur is every birdwatcher’s paradise
Spicy:  Sunbirds, flowerpeckers, bulbuls, flycatcher, jungle babbler- you name it! The Bandipur national park is a great place for bird lovers says Oindrila. Check out her blog for refreshing pictures of her recent tour. 

Who: Family on the wheels
What: Bharatpur bird santuary
Spicy: If you thought, you’ve seen it all in the post above, here are more birds for you to check out! Another wildlife sanctuary – the Bharatpur national park- is also a favourite haunt for those who love to spend their time in forests. Family on the Wheels paid a visit recently and have written a detailed post about their stay and spottings.

Who: Krishna Mohan
What: Nature- the designer
Spicy: You don’t have to go too far to be awed by the wonders of nature. A spider’s intricate web, a baya bird’s nest or even the veins and serrations on leaves will convince you that you have to hand it to nature when it comes to design. Read Krishna Mohan’s blog to know more.

Who: Atula Gupta
What: New aquatic species of snake discovered in the Sahyadris
Spicy:  Here’s some good news for reptile lovers.  A new species of fresh water snake has been discovered in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. See Atula’s blog to know more.

Who: Thomas Vattakevan
What: Ants and aphids
Spicy: It’s not just design but even discipline that nature teaches us. If you’ve observed ants walk in a straight line to fetch a grain of sugar, without disturbing anyone, you’ll wonder why these tiny insects are such taskmasters. Thomas Vattakevan captures ants and their mutual relationship with aphids in a beautiful video on his blog.

Who: Rohan Chakravarty
What: Wildlife along Indian rivers
Spicy: Not only are India’s forests rich in biodiversity but also are its rivers. Rohan in his beautiful and informative infographic takes us through the rich fauna of our rivers. These water bodies are a lifeline for animals as much as they are for us. See his blog to know more

Who: Madhushri Mudke
What: Pictorial guide to frogs of Manipal
Spicy: And if the cold blooded amphibians – frogs – interest you, read this scientific paper on different varieties of frogs found in Manipal. Environmentalist Madhushri has spent months studying them and has now completed a pictorial guide that’s totally worth going through.

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