Spicy Saturday Picks – 26th August, 2017

Happiness is finding a good book to read. One that takes you far far away to places you’ve never been to before.spicy saturday blogs india This edition of Spicy Saturday is all about those magical things we call books and everything related to them. Let us know how you like it.

Who: Neobluepanther
What: Does reading fiction make you a better person?
Spicy: Satire or self-help? Fiction or non-fiction? The debate between those who prefer a particular genre of books over the others is a never ending one. Blogger Neobluepanther prefers fiction any day and tells you why reading fiction is good for you.

Who: Lata Sunil
What: Interview with Mr. Darcy
Spicy: Pride and prejudice, is a favourite classic among many avid readers. And one of the popular characters Mr. Darcy is someone we all love to hate for his outspokenness. Blogger Lata takes the creative liberty and writes a hypothetical interview with the protagonist’s suitor.

Who: Corrine Rodrigues
What: Well nourished
Spicy: How often do we reflect on the quality of our lives? Well Nourished, a self-help book by Andrea Lieberstein reminds us of the importance of mindful eating in our lives. Blogger Corrine Rodrigues, in her review, highly recommends the book for all those who want to build a healthy relationship with the food they consume.

Who: Anuradha Gupta
What: Review – Kaavi by Rahul Yadav
Spicy: Blogger Anuradha writes a detailed review of the book Kaavi, a collection of 26 poems in hindi. Penned by author Rahul Yadav, she gives a glimpse into every poem by providing a gist of what to expect within. Read more details on her blog.

Who: Puneeta
What: Inspire a love of reading; sometimes it’s the unexpected
Spicy: If you’re trying to inculcate the lifelong habit of reading in your child, this post by blogger Puneeta may come handy. She writes about how her older daughter took to reading quickly but it was a different journey with her younger one. To know how she encouraged her child to read and what the outcome was, hop on to her blog.

Who: Resh Susan
What: 13 Books by Women Writers to add to your 2017 Reading List for #WITMonth
Spicy: And here is a list of thirteen books by women writers that you can add to your reading list. Translated from Spanish, Japanese, Tamil and many other languages from around the globe, these books are your go-to reads if you’re looking at reading exceptional translated versions.

Who: Vivek Tejuja
What: Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation. Edited & Translated by Ken Liu
Spicy: Speaking of translations, if science fiction gives you goosebumps, here is a review of the book ‘Invisible Planets’ by blogger Vivek a.k.a The Hungry Reader. An anthology of thirteen sci-fi stories, edited and translated by Ken Liu, this book from China will take you to places beyond the universe.

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