Tangy Tuesday Picks- 15th August, 2017

“At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.” handpicked indian blogs read As we welcomed independence with these golden words 70 years back, our nation was set to enjoy its successes and learn from its failures. And we have certainly come a long way! Happy Independence Day dear bloggers! As we all celebrate India’s 71st Independence day, here is a list of blogs we picked for you to read on your mid-week break.

Who: Aditya Mankad
What: Why Sarahah works
Tangy: Sarahah, the latest honesty app that allows others to message you anonymously about your strengths and weaknesses is being speculated widely on the internet. Here is another post by Aditya that tells you why Sarahah works.

Who: Shoma Abhyankar
What: For that slice of Pizza
Tangy: Pizza lovers, this post is for you. A list of all the places where you can get mouth watering pizza, Shoma tells you why you should not miss your favourite flatbread with exotic toppings while you are there.

Who: Anand Kumar
What: Mera Swacch Bharat Mahan
Tangy: The Swacch Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India campaign) launched by our Prime Minister has received both, criticism and praise from the public. Anand Kumar, in his post writes about what has worked and what can be improved four years since it was launched.

Who: Mandavi Jaiswal
What: DO NOT Stare at me Please #FreedomFromBias
Tangy: What does freedom mean to you? For each of us it means different things. For blogger Mandavi, it means freedom from being stared at. It is common in India for a woman to be at the receiving end of such stares. When this finally treatment stops is when we can say we are an independent nation, she says.

Who: Ajay Pai 
What: If I were that homeless man
Tangy: Beggars and homeless people are a common sight in India, but how many times do we stop and wonder about their lives. Ajay met one such homeless man who asked for some food in immaculate English. In his post, he wonders what twist of fate must have put the man in the situation that he is now in.

Who: Dr. Sharmila Rao
What: Three learnings from a spider sting
Tangy: Looks like we can learn a thing or two from insects if we observe them closely. Blogger Sharmila takes a close look at a spider and writes about what we can learn from its magnificent web and its sting. Hop on to her blog to know more.

Who: Jitendra Mathur
What: Merrymaking in the forest
Tangy: A review of the movie ‘Jangal mein mangal’, an entertainer of the 70’s that is filmed entirely in a forest by blogger Jitendra. A typical masala movie, he highly recommends this film for those who want to watch a light-hearted Bollywood masala flick.

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