Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 17, 2016

Tangy Tuesdays

Oh what a pleasure it is to be able to express and convey what we want to! As bloggers, you will be well aware of this feeling. So what are you using this power for today? Read the Tangy Tuesday Picks below and get a whiff of this amazing ability. If you want the world to know your passion for blogging, share your blog posts for Tangy Tuesday Picks! Submit your posts to BlogAdda to get the chance. 

  • Who:  Priyanka Roy Banerjee
  • What“The Legacy of Sunday Mutton The Legacy of Sunday Mutton”
  • TangyThe relationship with food is deep for people who take food very seriously. In such cases, eating goes beyond filling your stomach and becomes a ritual. That’s why some foods evoke strong memories and feelings in us. They give rise to food traditions that are kept alive by family members no matter where they go in life, keeping the bond alive. Priyanka shares such a story about her family’s food tradition.

  • WhoRicha Kashyap Bhaskar
  • What: “Finally, I spoke my mind in a job interview! #FakePost #ParallelWorld”
  • TangyLet’s accept it, there are only a handful of people who have the privilege of doing their dream jobs, while most people work for the pay cheque. And the issues with jobs start even before you get the job – from the interview stage itself! Richa writes a post on what it is to be really honest in an interview; read it and try this yourself only if you don’t really need the job.

  • Who: Vrikodara 
  • What“The Saviors of Dharma in South India – Part 1”
  • TangyReligion and region are the two words that have largely influenced the minds of the masses. These two factors have been the root of most of the battles fought and differences created. But religion, when done right, has also been the catalyst for progress and well being. The history of India and Hinduism is highly intriguing and this blog post will get you engrossed in the history of our land. Vrikodara talks about the saviours of the land in South India.

  • Who: Sumi Thomas
  • What“The Spirit of Midnight”
  • TangyDeep down in our hearts we know we are deeply connected with that supreme Being. There are times when you cannot ignore the inner voice, you cannot stop thinking, you cannot refrain from acting on the voice nor can you take yourself away from introspecting. These moments are witnessed at midnight hours when thoughts run freely, without the distraction of work or company.

  • Who: Abhijit Bhaduri
  • What: “The Insane Possibilities of Virtual Realities”
  • Tangy: How would it feel to experience virtual reality? Technology can show us beautiful innovations that make us go WOW! One gets to experience a different world and even influence the way we communicate. Abhijit Bhaduri shares a Virtual Reality Lab experience with us and you cannot miss the next best thing after in tech that will soon take over all the aspects of our lives.

  • Who: The Lives Of Aurobindo
  • What: “Revivalism And Secularism By Amal Kiran”
  • Tangy: The debate on secularism is not something new; we have been witnessing it for decades. This blogger’s post is an article published in a newspaper in the year 1950, which is evidence that the debate about such topics is one for the ages, keeping us running in circles.

  • Who: Deepanshu Gabha
  • What“Azzad Panchi”
  • TangyIn our everyday hustle, we tend to make compromises on things that our conscience would otherwise not allow. There are rules that we do not follow, there are inner voices that we tend to mute and some very important people and experiences that we tend to ignore. That is where the loss comes from. Deepanshu tells us that a moment of introspection can change things for the better.

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