Tangy Tuesday Picks – April 5, 2016

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Well hello people! The reason why we love blogging is because what bloggers write is a reflection of the times we live in, what people feel about issues and events. News in recent times has been full of scams, psychological issues and religious and ideological clashes. Well, all this has had an impact on bloggers and inspired them to write. If you have great posts that you think should be featured, submit them here

  • Who: Jinoy P Jose
  • What“All hail the mighty mouse”
  • Tangy: Religion is a big deal for most people, and religious tenets are followed to the T by believers. Nobody questions the logic of these rituals, until you put them in perspective. How? By following Dinkoism. It is the worship of Dinkan, a superhero mouse, fictional of course. Jinoy takes through what the worshipers, who are from fields like IT, medicine, journalism, etc. have to say about the religion that is fast gaining popularity among masses.

  • WhoKishore Pisapati
  • What“To Hans Zimmer, With Love”
  • Tangy: Hans Zimmer has been one of the most respected and prolific composers in the Western world. His work includes music for The Lion King, Inception, Interstellar, Gladiator and The Dark Knight trilogy. Kishore pays tribute to this legend from Germany who has changed the way we look at music in films forever. 

  • WhoSamarpita Mukherjee Sharma
  • What“Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Person In Depression”
  • Tangy: Depression is a silent killer whose symptoms are difficult to gauge for a lay person. This is why it takes over the victim’s life, making it grey and difficult to bear even when everything seems to be going right. For the most part, people who don’t suffer from it think it is a temporary case of the blues. With depression’s devastating impact coming to the forefront in recent times, Samarpita tells us what NOT to say to a person suffering from depression.

  • WhoAnand Kumar
  • What““Idea Extension Trap”!!!”
  • Tangy: Brands generally think that what works for one product will by default make another product a success story. Beware, this is a trap! It’s called the ‘Idea Extension Trap’, and more often than not it ends up causing losses more than giving any benefits. Anand Kumar talks about the ‘Idea Extension Trap’ with some examples.

  • WhoIndrajit Roy Choudhury
  • What: “Posto: one of Bengal’s most loved dishes”
  • Tangy: Bengalis are known for their intellectual talks, pride for their culture and their love for food. Bengali cuisine is not just delicious, but also unique and with a history as rich as its taste. Indrajit in a delicious post talks about the flavours, history and uniqueness of the Posto, which has come to become a symbol of Bengali food.

  • Who: Abhijit Ray
  • What“Juveniles Must be Tried for Gravity of Crime”
  • Tangy: When juveniles commit crimes that are too heinous for their age, the law and the police are in a conundrum. Do they consider the age of the criminal, or the severity of the crime? With the rise in increasingly serious crimes committed by juveniles in recent times, the jury is still out whether juveniles should be considered adults when it comes to serious crimes. Abhijit talks about it and why it is right to hold criminals responsible irrespective of their age.

  • WhoAnshul Kumar Pandey
  • What“As Expected: Pak JIT denies Pathankot Terrorists being Pakistani”
  • Tangy: The terror attacks in Pathankot shook the nation and exposed the serious threat to the security of the nation and our civilians. The probe that was carried out by Pakistan’s JIT has denied any involvement of any Pakistanis in the act. Anshul analyses the situation and brings out his opinion about our PM, Pakistan’s approach in tackling terror and the state of Indian security agencies.

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