Tangy Tuesday Picks – September 1, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysLovelies, Tangy Tuesday is here with blog posts new and enjoyable for you to truly #CelebrateBlogging. The date for #WIN15 approaches fast, sessions and workshops are in place and the only thing awaited is your presence! Book your tickets ASAP and spend a day with our illustrious speakers on 20th September. Once you have registered, put your feet up and go through our blog posts of the week in Tangy Tuesday Picks!

  • Who:¬†Maniparna Sengupta Majumder
  • What:¬†“10 Things You Should Know About Bengalis”
  • Tangy: ¬†Indians love their stereotypes. They might sometimes be unfair, but mostly they are not quite off the mark.¬†These stereotypes are born from decades of experience with many diverse communities. All these communities¬†are known for their specialties and bring a lot of spice and variety to the nation. Let’s get to know a little more about Bengalis through this blog post.

  • Who: Raisa R
  • What:¬†“A Day At The Post Office”
  • Tangy: So while the digital age has made the exchange of ideas. messages and information quicker, snail mail¬†is alive with its own charm. Receiving letters and gifts the old fashioned¬†way gives a thrill to even the most digitally dependent among us. The eagerness to see what is in store is something we always hold on to and is surely something we do not want to let go of. Check out the perks of personally visiting the post office due to the¬†fear of missing an important parcel with blogger Raisa.

  • Who:¬†Danny Simon
  • What:¬†“Overcoming Chronic Failure”
  • Tangy: If it is perfection it is God, if it is imperfection it is a devil and a mixture of both is a human. Probably that is how nature chooses to balance the good and the bad. Success doesn’t teach us much but failure makes us humble. If you have failed at some point in life and not able to come out of it completely, then may be it is time you consider Danny’s advice to shift your perspective.

  • Who:¬†Shesha Chaturvedi
  • What:¬†“A lesson from my Grandma”
  • Tangy: When an elder advises someone younger over life matters, is because they carry with them a rich experience of people, human behaviour and some basic laws of nature that ring true more often than not. This experience comes at¬†the cost of humility, perseverance, courage, an observant attitude and compassion over the less privileged. Shesha brings you a piece of the same from her grandma. Do bring in a pen and a paper to take notes.

  • Who:¬†Manjusha Pandey
  • What:¬†“To Send Or Not To Send ? – Parents Dilemma Over Boarding Schools”
  • Tangy: For parents, their kids are their world and to not see them for a single day can be heartbreaking. Yet there is a good number of parents who either voluntarily choose to send their kids to a boarding school or they are forced to do so due to some issues in their personal and/or professional lives. Whether you should or you should not is a question you can consider after taking a read on what Manjusha¬†has to say.

  • Who:¬†Enrique Mendizabal
  • What:¬†What makes a great city for think tanks?
  • Tangy: When one hears about taking up development or research, the bylanes and corners of the city are often ignored, along with their occupants. The reality however is completely different. They can be one of the most interesting source of ideas, thinkers and most importantly, doers. Read on to learn more on identifying the hidden potential in your city.

  • Who: Adding ¬†A J to the list
  • What:¬†“The day Bangalore got inked”
  • Tangy: If one is asked to give their opinions on the current state of journalism or journalists, you are quite likely to get a negative reply with majority of news looked at suspiciously. But the scene is a lot more different behind the scenes. There are budding journalists who are driven by passion to create news which is not an easy job, especially at the beginning of one’s career.

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