Tangy Tuesday Picks – January 13, 2015

Tangy TuesdaysMonday blues are over, so participate in Get. Set. Bolt. and win a Bolt from Tata Motors! If your creative juices are flowing, you can blog for #UseYourAnd and take a stand for women everywhere. And if you need blog post ideas, we have just the right dose of inspiration for you with Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who: Heta Gala
  • What: “Courage never backs down.”
  • Tangy: Since childhood we are taught to help others and not abandon a person in need. In today’s world, this lesson can prove to be a costly one. Does that mean we cower away from lending a helping hand?

  • Who: Satya Sarada Kandula
  • What: “Borrowing purpose”
  • Tangy: ‘Man is a social animal’ might seem like a cliché but the truth remains that most of us are looking for someone to whom we can attach ourselves, to give our lives some purpose. Where does this search for purpose lead?

  • Who: Poonam Khanduja
  • What: “Je Suis Charlie…”
  • Tangy: The Paris shootings which killed 12 people shook the world, with reactions pouring in from all quarters. Especially moving were the dedications that cartoonists sketched for their deceased brethren. They go on to show that courage is truly greater than fear mongering.

  • Who: Ramya
  • Tangy: We have all the tools to our disposal for saving time, but we still find ourselves rushing about for lack of time. Where does all that saved time go? Read this blog post where a child has the same question.

  • Who: Charukesi
  • Tangy: Soon it will summer and people will start craving the cool relief of swimming pools. Have you ever heard of a swimming pool for monkeys? This travel blog discovers that monkeys are just as attracted to pools as we humans are.

  • Who: Sharon
  • Tangy: Pantone has declared Marsala as the colour of 2015 and fashionistas everywhere are rushing to find everything Marsala-hued. This rich colour lends itself brilliantly to home decor too. Check out this blog post to get some ideas to revamp your home with the season’s hottest colour.

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