WOW- Share a story that ghosts would tell to scare each other

“We cannot create a world we can’t imagine and stories are the engines of our imagination!”

Write Over The Weekend (WOW), BlogAdda Initiative

Bloggers, the wait for this week’s WOW creative writing prompt is over. Take your imagination to next level and let your creative juices flow. Let their be no boundary and let your creative power travel beyond imagination. We are waiting for your wonderful stories.

Write Over the Weekend inspiration for this time

If humans tell ghost stories to scare each other, share a story that ghosts would tell to scare each other.

We are awaiting some awesome blogs from you! This time, leave no stone unturned to make the WOW badge yours 🙂

Remember, you have time only till Sunday midnight!

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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Every weekend, we give prompts for you to creatively write on! Hope you enjoy our creative writing inspiration for this week. 🙂

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