Tangy Tuesday Picks – October 14, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysHello readers ! How are preparations for Diwali? How are you planning to celebrate it? We give you the option to shop for Diwali absolutely free from Quikr, along with a chance to attend INK Conference. We are sure this Diwali you will have a bomb. Meanwhile you get ready for bigger celebrations here are some creative blog posts for you to get inspired and write one of your own 🙂 #CelebrateBlogging


  • Who: Tulika Singh
    What: Girls and boys and a lesson in chivalry
    Tangy: It is important to teach kids a lesson in chivalry but the problem most mothers face is how to explain things to them without being sexist. Author very cleverly explains a very important chivalry lesson about girls and boys with just a talk.

  • Who: Sakshi Raina
    What: Dreams won’t come true unless you WORK
    Tangy: We often listen to the phrases like “Follow your Dreams”, “Dream Big” or “Don’t stop dreaming until come true” but author truly believe that dreams won’t come true until we work to accomplish it. Just dreaming is not enough, it is important to move out of your nutshell and work day and night to achieve your dream.

  • Who: Prerna Subramanian
    What: Tell Them You Love Them
    Tangy: It is always good to express your feeling to those whom you love or are close to you and tell them how important they are in your life. It avoids the awkwardness between the two of you, also you will never regret in life with the word “what if”.

  • Who: Vartika Goyal
    What: Impact Of Daily Soaps In Our Life
    Tangy: This post is “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki”, where every female in the house love watching TV serials and rest of the family members are troubled by it. Moms, aunties, wives all consider TV serials a mode to relax and their lives revolve around it, but poor sons and husbands can’t understand why.

  • Who: Madhavi
    What: We have traffic rules!! Really?
    Tangy: Indians have very bad traffic sense and traffic etiquette. It seems like, traffic rules doesn’t exist for them.  Author puts all this satirically in her post.

  • Who: Menaka S
    What: Unbreakable – M C Mary Kom
    Tangy: Author blogs about autobiography of boxing fame Mary Kom. She beautifully brings out the real life stories of Mary Kom’s life and learning from her life such as – “there is no substitute for hard work”, “be thankful for what you already have” and so on.

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