SMW Mumbai

Social media expanded our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever. Social Media is growing with the lightening speed, therefore it is equally important for an individual to match with it to stay updated and informed.

Blogging is an integral part of social media, bloggers leave no stone unturned to beat the upcoming trends in blogging and social media on the whole. Thus to facilitate this effort of our bloggers, BlogAdda partnered with Social Media Week Mumbai, which was held from 22nd- 26th September, 2014. Bloggers are holding a special stature in this universe of social media enthusiasts because they are the channel of honest and sincere promotion of brands.

We take the pride, that more than 20 bloggers from our community attended SMW Mumbai and experienced the one of its kind social media activity. Our digital and social media freaks learned some amazing tips, tricks, aspects and what not directly from digital gurus in India and abroad. They heard it all, from the world’s most reputed influencers, India’s social media savvy politicians and authors, industry leaders, and knowledge banks.

The event was all about networking, meeting big-wigs as well other social media enthusiasts from the industry, interact with them over the cup of coffee, exchange thoughts and make some amazing industry friends. With all this, learning was no less. Our bloggers learnet numerous social media know hows like how content is the king, how brands leverage social media, digital marketing tools, speed blogging, how content helps to maximize online conversion , how to brand yourself, photo blogging, how to curate content wisely, how to handle growing demand of social media and so on.

Bloggers loved the event and consider it to be a great platform for bloggers and entrepreneurs plus it is helpful for students as well, where you can get a feel of corporate sector and how things need to be done to expand and grow. They were on cloud nine on getting a chance to meet some-amazing- inspiring – successful personalities, along side learning some never known social media tips.

About SMW:

Social Media Week is a leading media platform and worldwide event with local presence and global reach across 5 continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia, 9 countries, 11 cities covering 1000 events with more than 3000 speakers.  Social Media 2014 was the world’s most culturally diverse and geographically distributed conference of its kind.

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