10 more reasons on ‘Why You Should #CelebrateBlogging with us!’

We provide you with 10 more reasons on ‘Why You Should #CelebrateBlogging with us?’ 

1. Get read by top authors of the country

You read them, you praise their work, you also review their books. But ever thought of getting your blog read by these celebrated authors? There is nothing better than getting noticed by the person you adore a lot. #CelebrateBlogging gives you the golden opportunity to get your blog read by the top authors in our country.

2. Unveil YOUR story to the world and get it published

You are awesome in blogging. You possess expertise in your genre. You are a wonderful story teller. We know you are waiting to get your story published. We know there is an author hidden in you who wants to come out and celebrate the passion of writing. With #CelebrateBlogging you can actually get your story published.

3. Get more readers to your blog. 

We want your blog to prosper. We sincerely wish that you get more and more readers every day so that your blog can touch millions of hearts and make a difference in their lives. By blogging for #CelebrateBlogging you stand a chance to grab innumerable eyeballs for your blog.

4. Create History and leave an everlasting mark

We wish to announce it loud that ‘You have created History’. Residents of Blogosphere will always remember you for your achievements and the history you create along with your blogger friends. Participate in this first of its kind activity and change the game.

5. Get Recognized and Acclaimed

Name and Fame is every individual’s untold wish. We realize the value of your work. With #CelebrateBlogging we wish to see your work being acclaimed by celebrated bloggers of our country and that you receive the recognition you deserve amongst peers.

6. It is not a contest

Want to blog only for the love of blogging? #CelebrateBlogging gives you the opportunity to do so. This is not a contest, its a game. Game where you play while you blog or you blog while you play. Its one and the same thing.

7. Connect, Communicate and Converge with fellow bloggers

It is always good to connect with fellow bloggers, communicate often and converge positive synergies towards greater good. #CelebrateBlogging is the ultimate platform to connect with like minded people, play with them, work with them and network with them.

8. Craft some amazing piece of work

You always write for your genre, here’s an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and write on something you never thought you will. We know you can and you will come up with some of the best works ever.

9. Compete with yourself & others to give your best

Compete with yourself to out beat the past and strive for something better. Battle it out in the field to ensure victory for your team. The keystroke/Pen is definitely mightier than the sword and the icing on the cake is being appreciated by our revered jury.

10. Demonstrate your exceptional Team Work

Till date you have blogged individually, break this stereotype and blog with your blogger friends. Show the world the power of teamwork and conquer glory. United We Blog, Divided we Clog Interesting?? Stay tuned for more cause this my friends is the ‘Game of Blogs’

Last but not the least actually the biggest reason, to define the spirit which keeps you alive and kicking online, to cherish the sense of pride in you #CelebrateBlogging.

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