Tangy Tuesday Picks – August 11, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysThe season of festivities and long weekends is here again! So what have you planned this weekend? Make the most it and do not forget to read your favourite Tangy Picks of the week. Also, stay tuned to your Adda. We have awesome activities waiting in the pipeline for you 🙂

    • Who: Renuka Singh
      What: Waking Up in Dilaram Village
      Tangy: You don’t have to have any excuse to quietly slip away to the hills. Read Renuka’s description of the ever-so-beautiful Darjeeling and you will pack your bags at once and hit the road on a beautiful voyage.

    • Who: Aathira Jim
      What: Shadows at Night
      Tangy: Martial rape – the worst and the shameful thing about it is not the act  itself but the way it is condoned by our society. Read this article and make a difference.

    • Who: Afshan Shaikh
      What: To, Mamma – Pappa
      Tangy: There were times where emotions used to get communicated via letters and not twitter. Go nostalgic with this post!

    • Who: Shreya Zachariah
      What: Solitude
      Tangy: There is no greater friend to you than yourself. Read this poem and find out why.

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