Tangy Tuesday Picks – July 8, 2014

Tangy TuesdaysThere is not bigger pleasure than to sit in the comfort of your home and indulge in spicy pakoras and hot cuppa tea! Indulge away… as we give you our best reads for this week. We are also giving away goodies for early bird participants of our Skyscanner and Mardaani contests. Check it out. http://adda.at/MeetRaniM,

    • Who: Amit Dassana
      What: Khoya Matar Makhana
      Tangy: Rains sure are a season to gorge on delectable spicy, heavy gravies and crispy hot rotis to go with it. Amit brings to you a recipe of toasted lotus seeds (makhana) with khoya. Yum! do try this one out.

    • Who: Reema D’souza
      What: Reema’s laws of life
      Tangy: In this candid post, Reema amuses herself by jotting down a list of sorts of life situations where things could possibly go wrong.

    • Who: Bhakti Mathew
      What: Are you waiting to be discovered
      Tangy: In this post, Bhakti gives you simple tips which would make you feel good about yourself and discover your awesomeness!

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