Anaggh Desai speaks about Blogs & Brands at WIN

Anaggh Desai needs no introduction. Unlike other places where “he needs no introduction” is usually followed up with one, we will not get there. Look him up.

Anaggh Desai speaks on blogs and brands

If you were to cook up fiery dish, you get the basic stuff in place. The veggies. The curry. The masala. All in the right proportion and sequence. Just enough to whet your appetite and leave you longing for more, when its all done. That comes to our mind, when we think of what (and how) he spoke at #WIN14

Anaggh Desai speaks about Blogs & Brands

His signature dish had many components ringing aloud. His belief in consumer power. His strong views (Many brands fail to succeed today because they do not pay enough attention to what consumers want and expect from them) & his easy sophistication in putting it all across in consumable chunks made it such a hit amongst all at #WIN14. Touching upon several other aspects like the onset of twitter and increase in interactions and of course, blogs. And how blogs make blog authors accountable. Delectable delight.

Catch it all here. #WIN14, India’s first Blogging Conference and Blogger Awards, is now on the screen in front of you!


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