Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 6, 2014.

Tangy TuesdaysHello! Check out our Campaigns at http://starsports.blogadda.com and http://myrolemodel.blogadda.com & submit posts now! We’re here with ample opportunities for you to win awesome prizes!  Presenting good blogs to read in the Tangy Tuesday Picks today. 

    • Who: Hemant Arora
      WhatRhyming the Life of a daily wage worker!!
      Tangy: Hemant writes a post that talks about the thought process and helpless condition of the daily wage workers. There’s absolutely no security and to earn one proper meal a day for the family also seems like a battle.

    • Who: Beloo Mehra
      What: J is for Joy, Joy of Discovery
      Tangy: Beloo writes a post about how schools today do not encourage creativity and thinking. It is just about the pressure of getting good scores in order to have a successful career ahead. The children don’t go to school with the joy of learning anymore!

    • Who: Vinay Nagaraju
      Tangy: Vinay in his post gives you a volley of reasons as to why you should be thankful  the most important being it makes you happy and makes you feel content with all you have!

    • Who: Dr. Raksha Bhat
      What: Hamara Bajaj
      Tangy: Raksha writes a post about her memories of the Bajaj scooter her family owned. There was a time when a vehicle also was a part of a the family. The happiness in life lies in the smallest of things indeed!

    • Who: Animesh Ganguly
      What: Between the lines
      Tangy: Animesh writes an awesome post this time about how the protagonist learns his lesson about hard work from his father. The story has been built up amazingly and ends on an extremely positive note!

    • Who: Saranya Baskaran
      What: Punchy fight!
      Tangy: Saranya writes a poem that you would relate to for sure! Giving cold shoulders and being mean are the adult ways of fighting that no one actually likes. Slaps, punches and kicks are the more preferred way to fight. At least post that, the fight ends and you’re back to being friends again!

    • Who: Rachna Parmar
      What: Seema’s Agony
      Tangy: Rachna writes a post from the perspective of sixteen year old Seema who is a house help. It’s  a sad reality that they are ignored and treated inhumanly most of the times.

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4 Replies to “Tangy Tuesday Picks – May 6, 2014.”

  1. Thank you blogadda team! I just saw it today. I am wondering if you also have another way of communicating to the bloggers if their post has been picked…other than checking on your website, that is. Hope to hear from you. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Beloo,

    We also tweet to the user & comment on that particular blog post. Unfortunately we didn’t have your twitter handle and could not comment on your blog because only Google+ user comments were allowed.

  3. Thanks for your reply. I am not on twitter. Will think about G+ comment business and if I want to change it. But in the meantime will check here on your website/blog. Thanks!

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