Spicy Saturday Picks – March 1, 2014.

Spicy SaturdayHello! What is on your weekend to-do list for this time? Any particular job that you have kept pending for months now or just a book to read, catching up on a brilliant movie or just hanging around with friends? Let us know. Presenting to you Spicy Saturday Picks of the week for this time written by Indian bloggers.

    • Who: Red Handed
      Spicy: A very strong felt post from Red Handed reminding everyone that marriage is a two way commitment. The girls are always expected to be more adjusting and are trained in that way by the family from the time they are very young.

    • Who: Dhiren Navani
      What: Apne Hone Ka Ehsaas..
      Spicy: Dhiren writes an amazing poem in Hindi about how every small thing in the world, living or not has its own special role to play, adding to the beauty of creation.

    • Who: Preeti De Sarkar
      What: Star-Crossed
      Spicy: Preeti writes a story that keeps you gripped till the very end. This one is a very interesting story to read!

    • Who: Ilakshee Bhuyan Nath
      What: ” See see, Imli!”
      Spicy: Ilakshee writes a story revolving around the protagonist moving from Assam to Tamil Nadu. How time sets everything straight and little Roma goes on to love her new home and the surroundings has been wonderfully written.

    • Who: Ramaswamy V Krishnamurti
      What: Haal,Beku and Plastic Mug
      Spicy: A humorous post by Ramaswamy about his ordeal with learning a new language, Kannada. Every language is unique in its own way. With just three words known, he tries to converse in the language, deciding to stick to English in the end.

    • Who: Ruchira Shukla
      What Caged Within
      Spicy: Ruchira writes a brilliant and meaningful post about the Kamathipura, the notorious red light district of Mumbai. It feels criminal to lead your comfortable and secure life when at the same time there are fellow human being facing such circumstances. This post leaves you moved for sure!

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