Tangy Tuesday Picks – December 24, 2013.

Tangy TuesdaysHello Bloggers! Last 3 days for you to submit your posts for the 1001 gifts Activity at your Adda! Just Blog about 5 gifts that you want to give your children to ensure their secure future! Presenting to you, Tangy Tuesday Picks for the week written by Indian bloggers.

    • Who: Sakshi Nanda
      What: Christmas in the Heart
      Tangy: Sakshi writes an absolutely heart warming post! Christmas is all about celebrations and cheer, and that is exactly what her post reflects!

    • Who: Kiran Acharya
      What:Quarrelling by the rules
      Tangy: Kiran writes an interesting post about how to quarrel with someone but not without following rules for the same! Ever heard of quarelling with rules? That is what makes this post interesting. All the rules somewhere go on to reduce the gravity of the quarrel and mend things between the two persons quickly.

    • Who: Aditya Mankad
      What: The conscious Indian
      Tangy: Aditya writes a post about how today, owing to the rise in terrorism, every stranger and every unknown thing you see is sadly looked at with suspicion.

    • Who: Barkha Parikh
      What: Shooting Star – Make a Wish
      Tangy: Barkha writes a very honest poem about December being a month for celebrations and wishes! She earnestly waits for a shooting star so that all her wishes can come true!

    • Who: Shraddha Bathija
      What: Two girls. One boy.
      Tangy: Shraddha writes an amazing post depicting the lovely relationship a father shares with his daughters! This one leaves you with a smile 🙂

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