Spicy Saturday Picks – Sept. 28, 2013.

Spicy SaturdayWe are at our favourite part of the week, the weekend! We look forward to your active participation at the BlogAdda Forum where you can feel free to discuss any and everything about blogging. We’ve begun with BlogAdda Debates as well where we wait to see your opinions about various issues that need to be discussed. We’re here with the Spicy Saturday picks, amazing blog posts written by Indian bloggers. 🙂

    • Who: Afshan Shaik
      What: Can we counter the stereotypes now?!
      Spicy: Afshan writes about how stereotyping still exists in the Indian society in a lot of ways which needs to be eradicated. We stand up and fight for Nina Davuluri united, but do we as a society really believe and follow that ideology?

    • Who: Mayura Govinda Rao
      What: Ordinance to save lawbreakers
      Spicy: Mayura in her article talks about how she feels a monarchic rule is better than the kind of democratic rule  in India. The scams in India against the politicians are going on for more than 15 years now. She talks about the new bill that may be passed in favour of politicians with a criminal record.

    • Who: Mansi Kashyap
      What: Mirage – Reality or Delusion?
      Spicy: Mansi writes an amazing poem, where she talks about how the heart expects more each time and about going apart even if it is tough. She’s got a way with words!

    • Who: Anu Dev
      What: Chronicles of Pirate attack survivor…
      Spicy: Anu in her post writes about her scary adventure when the ship she was travelling in was under a pirate attack. The memories of that day still give her goosebumps but that day has also left her stronger! The valour and quick thinking of the officers on the ship was remarkable!

    • Who: Ilakshee Bhuyan Nath
      What: Birthday Parties
      Spicy: Ilakshee in her post talks about how birthday parties have changed over time. Before, it would  just be some snacks and a few close friends along with a birthday cake. Now it has become an exorbitant affair with taking the children to a mall or for a movie and also making the return gifts an extremely important and costly affair.

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