Spicy Saturday Picks – Sept. 21, 2013.

Spicy SaturdayThe Weekend is here! Reading a new book?  Trying out a new recipe? Going shopping? Or just chilling at home with your family? Tell us what happy things you plan to do this weekend 🙂 We’re here to add to the weekend fun with the best posts picked from Indian blogs, The Spicy Saturday Picks for this weekend.

    • Who: Rekha Nair Dhyani
      WhatBe a Friend, not a Parent
      Spicy: Rekha writes about how sexual abuse of children is on the rise. At such a stage, it is important to be a friend to your child and not a strict parent. It is important to have an open bond so that your child feels free to talk to you about everything that is happening.

    • Who: Apoorva Kapoor
      What: To be or Not to Be
      Spicy: Apoorva talks about how life is a gift and it has to be treasured and thoroughly enjoyed with all the ups and downs it brings.

    • Who: Viteja Ajit
      What: Bruises….
      Spicy: Viteja writes about how a woman spends most of her life for others. First her parents, then her husband and later her children! She hardly gives herself any time or any attention to what she wants to do and by the time she realizes how much she has spent herself, it is too late because then the energy is what she lacks.

    • Who: Garima Nag
      What: आखिर क्या है माँ का प्यार
      Spicy: Garima writes an amazing poem in Hindi where she describes ‘a mother’s love’. Undoubtedly, mother’s love knows no boundaries and the bond you share with your mother is more special than any other, she explains beautifully in the poem!

    • Who: Ramya Pandyan
      WhatDoes Being A Woman Have To Be A Fight?
      Spicy: Ramya writes a post about how she felt weak as a woman in Mumbai after hearing the Mumbai gang rape case. She also believes that seeing all the men in bad light after such an incident is not right.

    • Who: Vishal Kataria
      What: The 1 Question That Matters Most...
      Spicy: Vishal in his post amazingly writes about how there is one question that matters the most for any and everything, it being ‘why?’ If all situations, you need to have convincing answers for this particular question. He also tells us how major companies and brands use this factor to influence their customers.

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