Spicy Saturday Picks- Sept. 7, 2013

Spicy SaturdayIt is the weekend time! We’re here with the Spicy Saturday Picks this weekend, consisting of many amazing posts written by all you lovely Indian bloggers. This is the last weekend we will be accepting nominations for the BlogAdda Blog Awards. If you think you write well and your blog has what it takes, go ahead and nominate your blog Now! Let’s #CelebratBlogging together! 🙂

    • Who: Salesh Dipak Fernando
      WhatA LEAP OF FAITH!
      Spicy: Salesh in his write up talks about how he was not confident enough until now about entering the blogosphere. With the support of his closed ones, he has decided to enter the crowded virtual space but is much more confident now of creating a mark and do what he loves the most, writing.

    • Who: Purba Ray
      What: What to do, we are like that only!
      Spicy: Purba sure has a way with words. Everything she says, you as an Indian will relate to. She writes openly about our attitude being wrong and what it will take to improve on the same.

    • Who: Garima Nag
      What: Mom dad can i tell you something ???!!!!
      Spicy: Garima in her post talks about how parents do not trust their children when they openly tell them about undergoing sexual abuse. This somehow makes the children feel as if they are the culprits. She has written an excellent post.

    • Who: Neha Gupta
      What: 7 wolves and the little red riding hood!
      Spicy: Neha in her post writes about  all the social evils present in the society  against women. She writes in an extremely creative way by comparing the evils to be the wolves from the Red Riding Hood story.

    • Who: Rachana Shakyawar
      What: When we are young
      Spicy: When you are young, it is then when you make maximum memories. There are varied things you want to do and more so a lot of things you want to be. Visiting a past page filled with happy memories of the book of your life always leaves you with a smile wishing for those moments to come back.

    • Who: Rachna Parmar
      What: A failed life!
      Spicy: Rachna writes a brilliant story about a girl who ever since childhood would do whatever her parents wished and in the process of making her a success, the parents didn’t realise that she was missing out on her childhood. The hurt she’s going through makes her take a very dangerous decision.

    • Who: Jairam Mohan
      What: A little too late…
      Spicy: Jairam Mohan writes an interesting post where he shows how today’s generation tends to ignore their family members because they are busy achieving more ‘valuable’ things and  competing in the rat race.

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