Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug, 17. ’13

Spicy SaturdayIt’s been a week where the prices for onions in India have skyrocketed tremendously. It is sad where a commodity which is an everyday necessity is available only at this high price. What have you got to say about this? Thank God Your weekend good reads are here and they are FREE. Check out the Spicy Saturday Picks by the amazing Indian Bloggers below.

    • Who: Vikram Karve
      Spicy: Vikram writes an interesting story which revolves around the priorities people make in life . The write up has been done in a brilliant way and the end leaves you somewhat stunned.

    • Who: Priya Adivarekar
      What: The New Golden Period Of Bollywood
      Spicy: Priya talks delightfully about the recent times in Bollywood where directors are willing to take risk and trying to create different genres for cinema. People today are more receptive and open to these new bold genres as well.

    • Who: Soumya Prasad
      What: The Green Eye
      Spicy: Soumya in her poem talks about the people who live in envy of others. She very rightly states that it is high time one accepts his own fault rather than cursing another person’s success.

    • Who: Swati Chauhan
      What:The day I learned to smile again!
      Spicy: Swati in her blog post talks about how small acts of kindness can be wonderful for other fellow human beings. Even a simple smile from a complete stranger sometimes makes your day. Swati discusses one such incident in her write-up.

    • Who: Harikrishna Raghuraman
      What: Round and white!
      Spicy: Harikrishna in this post talks about the pitiful conditions of families in India where the have to send their children to school for the main reason of at least eating one complete meal a day. The quality of the food given to the children is also of no concern to anyone. Isn’t that the limit of poverty and helplessness?

    • Who: Shifa Naseer
      What:The Child Who Could Not See
      Spicy: Sometimes when people are not lucky enough to have something, they tend to value it more. Shifa talks about her encounter with a child who couldn’t see but sure taught her to observe, enjoy, love and appreciate the every day beauty around her. We complain so much about so many things. Isn’t it better to instead thank God for what we are blessed with?

    • Who: Shubhada Jambhekar
      What: The Problem With Us
      Spicy: Shubhada in her write up expresses very strongly certain things in India that she absolutely dislikes. She raises issues that certainly need to be taken note of and improved. “I dislike this Only-One-Day Mataram”, she says. This post is a must-read!

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  1. Thank you Blogadda team for picking my post for the Spicy sat blogs and making my day:) I hope the readers enjoy it as well and have a good weekend ahead! Cheers

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