Spicy Saturday Picks – July, 27. ’13

Spicy SaturdayHappy Weekend Dear Bloggers! The Royal Prince George was born this week. Everybody is happy and excited about the new addition to the royal family! We’ll give you also a reason to be happy now! We are here with the Spicy Saturday Picks for the week. Happy Reading!

    • Who: Priyanka Joshi
      What: Grand’parents!
      Spicy: Priyanka who is constantly having to cater to the needs of her toddler tells us what an important role grandparents play in the upbringing of a child. Apart from the morals and value systems passed on, it proves to be a great help because the new-turned- mommy can finally get some time to herself.

    • Who: Purba Ray
      What: Yes, body Image comes from Parents!
      Spicy: Purba uses her friend Rachana’s articles in order to explain the kind of influence parents, their habits and reactions have on the innocent minds of young children. All young children today, mostly girls are suffering from the beauty myth. They have been taught that thin is good and fat is bad since their childhood. This proves to be a major reason for the children to be suffering from low self confidence.

    • Who: Soumya Prasad
      What: Lover vs Soul-mate
      Spicy: In an interestingly written poem, Soumya writes how she views the lover and the soul- mate with their set of similarities and differences. The emotion of love has been nicely portrayed by her in this poem.

    • Who: Doctoratlarge
      What: Steeped In Culture Or Drowning In It?
      Spicy: Culture as a concept undoubtedly has multifaceted outlooks. Some people believe it is the driving force behind the society while some believe it hampers the progress of society. Doctoratlarge has his views, amazingly presented that agree more with the latter viewpoint.

    • Who: Nivedita Louis
      What: Picture Card Perfect- Pelling, Sikkim
      Spicy: Nivedita recently visited Pelling, Sikkim with her family. It is not a very famous tourist destination but indeed is a very beautiful place to visit. She talks about meeting the local people there and visiting the waterfalls there. A good getaway from the daily monotonous city lives for sure.

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